Tencent surged $210 billion this year, surpassing Facebook again

Editha 2022-04-07


July 30th special article , who is the king of global social networking? Is it Facebook, which has the most monthly active users in the world (over 2.6 billion), or Tencent, which has an absolute leader in China, which has the most population (WeChat+QQ, over 1.9 billion)?

Perhaps the most direct comparison is the total market value of the company.

As of the close of US stocks on July 30, Facebook's market value was $664.7 billion. Tencent's latest market value is HK$5,174.1 billion (calculated according to the latest exchange rate of HK$1 to approximately US$0.13, which is approximately US$672.6 billion).

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The market value of Tencent is about 7.9 billion US dollars higher than that of Facebook. Of course, this is not a big lead. It is very likely to be reversed again in today's Hong Kong stock trading. This is not the first time that Tencent's market value has surpassed Facebook. In November 2017, the market value of Tencent surpassed the American social media giant for the first time, and briefly surpassed it several times in 2018. However, for the whole of 2019, Tencent fell behind Facebook.

Since the beginning of the year, Tencent’s stock price has risen by about 45%, and its market value has increased by approximately HK$1.5951 billion (approximately US$210 billion). At the same time, Facebook's stock price only rose about 12%. Therefore, Tencent's growth rate is about 33% higher than Facebook.

On July 13, Facebook's stock price hit an all-time high of $250, but it has recently fallen due to regulatory concerns. In the last 6 trading days, Facebook finally closed down in 5 days.


Tencent is the second-largest company in China by market capitalization, and Alibaba is the first in market capitalization, with a market value of 52152 billion Hong Kong dollars (678 billion U.S. dollars), which is approximately 41 billion Hong Kong dollars more than Tencent. This is naturally also true for the two giants with a market value of more than 5 trillion yuan. A very small gap.

When Tencent surpassed Facebook to become the world's social leader, Alibaba could hardly surpass Amazon and become the world's "big brother of e-commerce." Because the market value of Amazon is $15131 billion, about 2.2 times the market value of Ali.

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