Don't lose to skin troubles! Habits to improve "skin strength" and skin care items

Hebe 2022-06-09

Don't lose to skin troubles! Habits to improve "skin strength" and skin care items

Are you satisfied with your skin?

Are you satisfied with your current skin condition? Originally, the skin has the power to beautify the skin. However, those who do not improve their rough skin, who are not satisfied with the current skin, and those who are not satisfied with the current skin will need improvement measures to improve their skin strength.

What is skin strength in the first place?

Skin strength is the power that the skin originally has.

Do you ever wonder what kind of care you are taking when you look at people with clean skin that are free of age spots and wrinkles? It can be said that many people with beautiful skin have skin strength. People with strong skin have the ability to improve themselves even if aging troubles or rough skin occur without using high-end care items.

What are the benefits of increasing skin strength?

What are the benefits of improving skin strength? You can keep your skin healthy and beautiful by increasing your skin strength, but it is easy to obtain the following benefits.

Increases moisturizing power

When the skin becomes stronger, the skin becomes moisturized. Especially in the summer, when the UV rays are strong and the cooler easily removes moisture from the skin. If you increase your skin strength in the summer, you can avoid troubles with moist skin that does not dry out, and you can also prevent makeup from coming off.

Reduces skin problems

Moisturized skin with increased water content makes it difficult for dry skin, acne, and pimples to appear. It will be fun to check your skin with a mirror because it will reduce the troubles on your skin.

Skin that does not lose to aging

Aging troubles that increase with age. Rough skin is hard to heal, traces are left, and various troubles such as stains, wrinkles, and sagging occur. If your skin is strong, you can aim for clean skin that can withstand such aging problems.

The skin strength also becomes stronger

Since skin troubles are reduced, skin strength is also improved. You don't have to rely on high-end care items, just the care items that suit your skin. You may be confident even with a light make-up or no makeup! ??

5 habits to enhance the skin's natural strength

In order to enhance the natural strength of the skin, it is important to review not only skin care but also lifestyle habits such as diet, exercise, and sleep. Lack of sleep, lack of exercise, and an unbalanced diet also put a strain on the skin. We have collected 5 habits to improve your skin strength, so please compare them with your own life.

1. Regular life rhythm

Are you awake late at night with your smartphone in your hand? Lack of sleep disrupts the rhythm of life and can cause rough skin. It is important to keep early hours and get up early to create the correct rhythm of life.

2. Nutritionally balanced diet

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Do you tend to have an unbalanced diet, such as oily meals and sweets and drinks with plenty of sugar? Especially sugar is a cause of swelling and sagging. In addition, it cools the body, which worsens metabolism. Try to have a nutritionally balanced diet with just the right amount of water and vegetables, meat, fish and legumes.

3. Take a bath instead of a shower

If you are busy, you will often not take a bath and just take a shower. You can't warm your body just by taking a shower. Soak in the bath to warm your body and improve blood circulation. Good blood flow makes it harder for the body to get cold and improves metabolism, making it ideal for preventing swelling.

4. Do not accumulate stress.

Stress is vulnerable not only to your health but also to your heart. Mental and physical fatigue not only builds up stress but also affects the skin. Try not to accumulate stress as much as possible.

5. Do moderate exercise

Cold and swelling also affects the skin. Use moderate exercise to improve blood flow and warm your body. For those who are not good at exercising, we also recommend stretching and yoga.

Skin care technique to enhance skin strength

In order to improve skin strength, it is also important to improve lifestyle and perform proper skin care.

Here, we will introduce skin care techniques that enhance skin strength.

Isn't it good to rub too much? Gently cleanse and wash your face

When you cleanse or wash your face, are you rubbing vigorously? When washing your face, the image is that you gently remove dirt with foam instead of washing it with your hands. If you rub it strongly, it will put a strain on your skin and will also wash away the sebum that keeps it moisturized.

Also, it is NG to shower or flush with hot water. The point is to gently wash it off with your hands at a lukewarm temperature!

The right amount in the right order

After washing your face, skin care is usually done in the order of lotion, serum, milky lotion, and cream. Depending on the brand of care product, the order may be slightly different, so be sure to use the order shown in the care product.

Also, it seems that many people use lots of lotion and beauty packs incorrectly.

How to use lotion

Take an appropriate amount of lotion on your palm and gently and gently apply it to your skin.

There are some people who hit the bread, but it feels like they are gently applied without hitting.

Review your skin care and lifestyle to improve your skin strength!

If you find it difficult to get the benefits of using skin care products that are prone to rough skin, revisit your lifestyle and skin care methods! Let's improve skin strength and get trouble-free beautiful skin!