Make a perfect espresso

Gloria 2022-04-07

Make a perfect espresso

If you currently have an espresso machine, do you know how to use it? To make a perfect espresso machine brand, here are some tips you need to know:

1) The water temperature of the coffee machine must be heated to the place to ensure that the water temperature is stable. When making the first cup of coffee, the coffee machine must be turned on for more than 10 minutes to heat the water temperature to a sufficient temperature. During this time, your coffee cup can be heated, and some coffee machines have a cup heating function.

2) Use fresh water. For coffee, all ingredients are fresh. When you make the first cup of coffee every day, change the water in the coffee machine's water tank. You need to use filtered water, you will definitely taste the difference. When you use filtered water, the chance of calcium accumulation is reduced, and the life of your coffee maker will be extended.

3) To use fresh coffee machine brand you need to buy a separate grinder. Every time you use the coffee machine, you only need to grind the amount of coffee powder needed to make this coffee. This will give your espresso a layer of grease on top. Before using the beans next time, store them in a cool place to preserve their flavor.

4) The correct grinding degree and the correct pressed powder. Tell your coffee bean seller the model of your coffee machine so that they can give you the correct ground coffee powder. If possible, use your own grinder to make the best grind, and then carefully fill the freshly ground coffee powder into the filter handle, do not press too tightly, otherwise there will be no proper flow rate when extracting coffee . The extraction speed of 30 milliliters of coffee in 25 seconds is more appropriate.

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