What is a smart car?

scalett 2021-12-06

smart module

The evolution of the automobile runs through the history of human scientific and technological change, both in the past and in the future. We cannot pursue the end of the world in our hearts without the power of smart module the automobile.

Automotive history.

In recent years, the concept of the automobile transportation system has changed, with traffic rules and infrastructure changing dramatically with the advent of driverless cars. Smart cars could disrupt the current operating model of the motor transportation industry! When it comes to smart cars, it is important to first understand what basic elements intelligence encompasses. For us humans, intelligence consists of at least three things: the ability to understand, analyze, and solve problems. So how do we give cars the ability to understand, analyze, and solve problems, and give them their own reasoning and interpretation capabilities?

Intelligence and change

Thus, the concept of intelligent vehicles was born. On the basis of ordinary vehicles, advanced sensors (radar, camera), controllers, actuators and other devices are added, and intelligent information is exchanged with people, vehicles and roads through on-board sensor systems and information terminals, so that the vehicles have intelligent environmental perception capabilities, automatically analyze the safety and danger status of the vehicles driving, and make the vehicles reach their destinations according to human wishes, finally realizing the purpose of replacing human operations.

Among these complex functions, autonomous driving can be said to be the pyramid of the future smart car field, involving complex and difficult technologies, including high-precision map and positioning technologies, key technologies for traffic big data processing and analysis, information integration technologies, in-vehicle network technologies, information security and privacy protection technologies, etc. In recent years, the popularity of new energy smart cars in China has been increasing. The new round of technological revolution is driving the digital transformation of automobiles, and the competitiveness of future automotive companies will be new energy and intelligence.