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Aiming for "healthy and beautiful". 13 health and beauty books to read when in doubt

Ishara 2023-05-08

Aiming for "healthy and beautiful". 13 health and beauty books to read when in doubt

There is no end to skin and body problems

Even if I want to stay healthy and keep my beauty, I don't know which one suits me, the one I've been using doesn't suit me, and suddenly my worries and troubles increase. Skin and physical problems are endless. This time, we are introducing a "health & beauty book" that seems to be useful for solving such problems.

Let's accumulate knowledge of beauty "Book of skin care & makeup"

skin care

For those who want to review skin care from the basics

■ The most understandable skin care textbook New common sense for healthy skin | Satoko Takase (Author) Momo Hosokawa (Author) | Kodansha ■

This is a book that allows you to reconsider skin care from both the inside (dietary side) and the outside (daily care). It is divided into two parts, basic and practical, and is packed with information you want to know, from how the skin works, how to actually care for it, and how to solve skin problems. It is popular because it contains illustrations and photos, so it is easy to read and understand.

For those who want to expand their knowledge about cosmetic ingredients

This is a book that summarizes the ingredients of lotion and serum. Under the theme of cosmetic ingredient labeling, how to read the ingredient labeling and how to select cosmetics based on the ingredient labeling are explained. The cover is catchy and it feels like an introductory book, but the contents are quite deep and it is enough to read! The way you look at and choose cosmetics may change.

For those who are interested in simple & natural skin care

■ When I stopped cleansing, my skin became beautiful | Hisashi Kitajima (Author) | Bungei Shunju ■

This is a book about "Soap Off Makeup" by a leading expert in natural cosmetics. Starting from the significance of quitting cleansing, we explain the procedure and method of actually incorporating soap off-makeup, recommended items, etc. in all colors. If you want to radically change your skin care, why not read it once.

For those who are interested in Ayurvedic beauty

■ Golden Ayurveda Self-Massage 10 minutes a day Miraculous beautiful skin by traditional detox method | Koji Usui (supervised) Makoto Hasumura (supervised) | Kawade Shobo Shinsha ■

This book introduces a self-massage method that incorporates the traditional Indian "Ayurveda", one of the three major medicines in the world. Based on the three constitutions by Ayurveda, massage methods, tips, advice, etc. are summarized. Of course, you can also diagnose your constitution, so don't worry. ◎ This book will heal your skin and mind.


For those who are interested in handmade skin care

■ Handmade skin care makes your skin transparent and beautiful! | Akiko Utsuro (Author) Kyoko Maeda (Author) | KADOKAWA ■

This is a comic essay by Akiko Utsuro, a manga artist who experienced handmade skin care. Handmade soap is supervised by Kyoko Maeda, a popular igniter, and many actual methods of making soap are also introduced. It's a comic essay format, so it's easy to read, and it's attractive that the impressions you've used are drawn in the catch. This book is perfect for getting started with handmade skin care.


For those who are interested in organic cosmetics

■ I want to improve everything better than now Organic beauty book that improves luck | Atsuko Fukumoto (Author) | Kobunsha ■

This is a beauty book by Atsuko Fukumoto, a beauty columnist familiar with "#Atsuko Sume". Including organic cosmetics, horoscopes, travel beauty, and other lifestyles that make you beautiful from the inside are proposed. Approximately 250 organic cosmetics are introduced, and you will definitely want to try it as soon as you read it ♪ The nice cover that makes you want to decorate it is also attractive.

For those who want to review how to use cosmetics

■ Sayaka Konishi (Author) Naoki Sakurai (Author) | Seishun Publishing Co., Ltd. ■ How to use "cosmetics" that change the habits of people who are beautiful even after makeup by 90%

This is a book that allows you to review how to use the cosmetics you normally use. It explains how to effectively use various cosmetics such as skin care, base makeup / UV care, point makeup, and body care. It is also recommended as an introductory book, but it is a book worth reading for adults who are accustomed to makeup! It may be even more beautiful than it is now, just by changing the usage a little.

For those who want to know adult makeup

■ Makeup you want to start from 38 years old Plus 5 minutes to make your skin look shiny | Sadae Sasaki (Author) | Subarusha ■

The author, who is active as a make-up artist, explains how to solve skin problems unique to adults such as dullness, sagging, and nasolabial folds. It is attractive that it is packed with a lot of small ideas that can be done in 5 minutes instead of changing the style so far. Not only makeup but also skin care is written, so it is recommended for those who are starting to worry about skin changes.

With a book that will be a guide

Now you can get various information on your smartphone. Especially when it comes to beauty and health information, you may not know which one is correct. Because of that era, it would be nice to have a book that will guide you when you get lost. I hope you will come across a wonderful book that will be a guidepost for beauty and health in the future.

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