Stylish Dutch braids test hairstyles Dutch braids are versatile and stylish

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Stylish Dutch braids test hairstyles Dutch braids are versatile and stylish

Stylish Dutch braids test hairstyles Dutch braids are versatile and stylish, and can be adapted to every hairstyle and style. If you want to learn this knitting technique, or are looking for hairstyle inspiration, please continue to scroll to see the coolest look.

Dutch braids and French

braids French braids are one of the most famous braids. This technique has some key similarities with Dutch braids. Both are three-strand braids, and as they become thinner, gradually add more hair. However, there are some key differences between them. French braids use hand-knitting techniques to create a smooth and seamless look, while Dutch braids use hand-assisted methods. You can think of the Dutch braid as a French reverse braid because the braid "stands" instead of lying flat.

1. Two Dutch braids

Double braids are the most classic of Dutch braids. These braids are sometimes referred to as "flat braids", which start at the hairline and taper diagonally. These braids are exquisite and cool, and undoubtedly have an avant-garde style while still appearing fashionable.

2. Dutch braid crown The Dutch braid crown is

romantic and formal, and is the perfect princess moment. Like most crown braids, it has a traditional feel while remaining eternal. Therefore, many women choose it as their wedding day hairstyle or bridesmaid's hairstyle. Try to match flowers or pearl accessories to create a feminine, understated style.

3. Dutch braid braid

Dutch braid braid is one of the more casual Dutch braid styles. The main difference is that these braids are looser and have less tension on the scalp. As a result, the braid has a larger and more uniform size, rather than tapering. Unlike other Dutch braids, you don't need braids. Keep both ends loose to relax.

4. Fishtail Dutch braids

Dutch fishtail braids combine two amazing hairstyles into one. First use Dutch braids to braid your hair into loose side braids. After putting on the neck pillow, please use two fishtail braids instead. The final hairstyle has a gorgeous bohemian look and low-key charm.


5. Dutch short hair braids

Cut short hair does not mean you have to say goodbye to braids! Because it starts at the hairline and then adds parts as you move down, Dutch braids are an excellent style for short hair. They look avant-garde, cool but chic, if you have a ceiling, this is a good way to change the style.

6. Two Dutch braids with Bun head. Baotou

is a classic style, especially during the festival. Braids make simple bun heads look more complicated. To create a Dutch braid with a toe cap, start braiding from the neck item instead of the front hairline. Once it reaches the top of the head, twist the remaining hair into a head.

7. Half Up Half Down The

current trend of Dutch braids is to lift the hair up by half, adding Dutch braids to the style to give it a unique flavor. Together with the separation of nature, weaving begins on the hairline. Next, weave the hair to the top of the head. To make your face look longer, use high hair bun to fix your hair. Alternatively, you can try advanced ponytails.

8. Dutch woven bread Dutch woven bread is

beautiful and exquisite, is the ideal style for romantic occasions. It is very popular among brides, bridesmaids and wedding guests, and is also a great choice for prom. Like other updo hairstyles, it can be paired with personalized jewelry, such as high necklines or earrings.

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