Danny Kentgen will hang up

SANDRA 2023-03-27

Danny Kentgen will hang up

After following his brother's footsteps into the football and basketball courts, Danny Kentgen (Western Maine) recently announced that he is moving in a new direction.

Danny's brother Matt Kentgen (Matt Kentgen) is currently a Butler football player and was a star football and basketball player for the Des Plaines Warriors. Matt led the school for two years, but the two played football together in 2017. Danny was a sophomore at the time but had limited moves on West bench QB. His first professional touchdown pass was Matt's flat tire.

Danny proved that he was not just a brother after his successful brother. Danny broke the record of almost all quarterbacks in Western Maine and earned a reputation. In the last two years of starting QB, Kentgen led the Warriors to a 17-4 record, including the first playoff victory in the planned history of 2018.

Kentgen ’s record-breaking records throughout his life include: one season ’s pass codes (2401 in 2019; 1677 before 2018), professional pass codes (4207), and the maximum number of completions in a season (146) , The most career completed in one season (268), the most touchdowns in a game (7), the most touchdowns in a season (31, 21 records before), and the most career touchdowns (53). In his junior and junior seasons, he helped create the two greatest seasons in the history of the plan.


Kentgen is also an outstanding basketball player in the West, contributing 261 points, 61 three-pointers, 146 rebounds, 83 assists, 41 steals and 27 blocks, winning the honor of "Daily News" this winter.

However, Kentgen told The Journal and Theme that he had no intention of continuing his college sports career. He plans to go to the University of Iowa to study business next year.

Kentgen said: "To be honest, sports have always been the top priority in my life, and I have always worked hard." "After the end of my basketball and rugby season, I was really tired. I still only work with D- Dealing. The schools of II and D-III were very interested and provided a quotation. I wanted to go to DI, but this did not happen, so I decided to suspend it. "

News reference: https://www.journal-topics.com/articles/danny-kentgen-hangs-it-up/


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