How long does it take to see a dentist at the beginning of a dental disease

SAMANTHA 2022-04-07


Because many dental diseases do not feel pain at the beginning, if you go to the dentist until the teeth have severe pain, the condition may have developed to a more serious state. You must go through a more complicated treatment process to save the teeth, and the cost of treatment is also greatly increase.


The benefit of regular dental check-ups is to ensure that the teeth are kept in good condition and can be treated as soon as possible when the dentist finds any condition of the teeth.


Dentists generally recommend that the interval between routine dental tests is 6 months, but some high-risk groups, such as patients who often suffer from tooth decay or periodontal disease, may need to have a dental test every 4 months. For those who have done enough oral hygiene and have had no problems in the past few dental examinations, they can visit the dentist only one year apart.


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