The cost of feeding primates, lions, crocodiles, and various other creatures calculated by the Hunter Valley Zoo is high.

Lydia 2023-03-31

The cost of feeding primates, lions, crocodiles, and various other creatures calculated by the Hunter Valley Zoo is high.

Topic: The cost of feeding primates, lions, crocodiles, and various other creatures calculated by the Hunter Valley Zoo is high.

No wonder yesterday's government funding news relieved people in the Hunter Valley Zoo.

At present, many companies are imposing COVID-19 restrictions to deal with these difficulties. However, in order to survive the blockade, some companies will face unique challenges.

Jason Pearson, head of the Hunter Valley Zoo, told the subject that his business costs have not changed, but the coronavirus means it is no longer the only source of income.

Animals still need to be fed, and veterinary fees must also be paid, all electricity costs added together.

On Monday afternoon, Jason told the topic from a car carrying a few birds and kangaroos: "I don't even want to think about how good these holidays will be if we can start a company." Not a major income requirement. "

Jason said that in addition to making an employee plan (which means he has the ability to retain employees), the federal government ’s subsidy plan for zoos will also cover food, health care and other welfare expenses for six months, which is good news.

He told The Theme that 30 primates in the zoo consume $ 1,000 worth of fruits and vegetables per week (they eat quality products on the market, which is the kind we can find on the table), And spent the same money to feed four lions to eat red meat. Not to mention attracting other crowds at Nurqaba Zoo.

Jason said: "The weekly food bill is within thousands of dollars."

"We can close the door, but we cannot eliminate our operating costs. All animals must be taken care of."

At the same time, these animals seem to have noticed a shortage of tourists in recent weeks.

Jason said: "In our aviary, kangaroo yard and farm yard, when the breeders entered, they were besieged."

"Those animals are used to raising multiple people here every day, attract their attention and pat."


Vitae 陳法拉

The dog's Tucker

talks about the welfare of large and small animals. The Animal Rescue Cooperative is working with Newcastle ’s dog rescue organization and the Pet Barn Foundation to develop outreach plans for dog owners affected by the coronavirus pandemic.

The program will help hard-working dog owners provide quality food for their four-legged friends. Details are on the "Animal Rescue Cooperative" Facebook page.

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same time as your bike, the Bureau is reviewing the Newcastle Bike Strategic Action Plan and has the opportunity to comment from the community. The strategy aims to improve the situation of cyclists throughout the city.

According to recent reports on the surge in bicycle sales (this is an increasingly popular way of exercising while maintaining social distance), this issue is worth considering. If you would like to comment, please visit the Newcastle City website.


self-isolation did not prevent Arnold Schwarzenegger from commemorating a special birthday. The former governor celebrated the first birthday of his pet donkey Lulu this week, sang "Happy Birthday" and fed her snacks in an Instagram video. "Look at this." He said. "Aren't we really celebrating birthday?"

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that the third and fourth episodes of "The Last Dance"-an internal view of the powerful Chicago Bulls dynasty in the 1990s-have been released on Netflix. The third part explores the impact of the mysterious Dennis Rodman on the Michael Jordan Bulls as they face a difficult start this season.

According to US media reports, Miami has no murders for seven consecutive weeks. This is the first time in more than 60 years. CNN reported this week that the city of South Florida had no homicides between February 17 and April 12, which is clearly the longest homicide since 1957.

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