Prohibition Schedule: According to reports, this The company strengthened its ties with Europe.

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Prohibition Schedule: According to reports, this The company strengthened its ties with Europe.

Huawei is the world's largest telecommunications supplier and the second largest phone manufacturer, but it is unshakable in the US and other countries. For more than a year, the censorship system of the Chinese telecommunications giant has been full of people, and many countries have banned the use of its network equipment. Although its phones are widely used worldwide, they are rare in the United States.

The company's chairman predicts that 2020 will be `` tough '' for Huawei, and early trends seem to prove this-the United States is continuing to put pressure on allies to prevent Huawei from entering its next-generation 5G wireless network. Nevertheless, in January, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson approved the company ’s regulations to build a non-core part of the country ’s 5G infrastructure, setting an important precedent for the process of wireless technology becoming increasingly mainstream.

Huawei reported in April that despite the coronal virus pandemic, its revenue in the first quarter of this year was 182.2 billion yuan (about 25.7 billion US dollars), an increase of 1.4% year-on-year.

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Huawei ’s core issue has been worrying about its comfort to the Chinese government, and its equipment may be used to monitor other countries and companies. This is why the United States banned companies from using Huawei network equipment in 2012, and after President Donald Trump effectively banned Huawei from entering the Chinese market, the company was added to the US Department of Commerce in May 2019. And security. American Communication Network.

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The United States provided the company with a temporary suspended sentence, allowing them to cooperate with Huawei until May. Huawei has long denied any wrongdoing and continues to maintain its innocence.

It can be difficult to keep up with the number of headlines, so this is a timeline, collecting a lot of news from 2018 to today.

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