How often do men and women stay healthy?

Madison 2021-12-06


In our daily study life, many newlyweds are always unable to control and manage themselves.

When couples live and work together too many times, and when Inflatable doll(吹氣娃娃) there are too many movements, will it affect the health of the kidneys? What is the optimal number of sexual advice? What should I pay attention to when doing things?

Let's work together to understand these three aspects.

Will doing too much hurt the kidneys?

What you need to know is how it feels when your body is overactive the next day.

When I feel tired, sore back and weak legs, this kind of development and occurrence means that we have gone too far.

If this happens, will it cause damage to the kidneys?

From a medical point of view, yes.

Because of excessive behavior, it will lead to excessive use and consumption of kidney essence.

If you get married for a long time, it will cause kidney deficiency, backaches, and knee weakness.

So how often is it appropriate to have a husband and wife living together?

In fact, this social problem is different from person to person.

The sex life of young people and old people is definitely different.

For a healthy sex life, students should feel the relaxation and satisfaction of their whole person, and they can be happy the next day.

If you don’t feel overworked, it’s as a mental health experience.

There is no need to pursue too many times. The best suits you.

So what should be paid attention to when the married life is going on?

1. It is not recommended for students to avoid sexual intercourse if they are physically overworked

Marital life is a kind of physical exercise. If you force yourself to be fatigued, you won't get the desired effect, and it will also bring bad effects to your body.

2. The time of intercourse should be appropriate

During menstruation, women are not allowed to have sex, because women’s cervix is ​​open during menstruation. Sexual activity at this time can easily lead to bacterial invasion and cause women to suffer from a series of gynecological diseases.

3. We must not have sex when a man is in a drunk state

Alcohol can affect the quality of sperm in Chinese men. If the pregnancy is carried out and succeeded under the condition of drinking some, it will lead to a significant increase in the rate of fetal malformations in our country.

4. Both men and women need to pay attention to cleaning before and after intercourse

Many men think that cleaning private places is something women need to do.

In fact, men are equally important. There are many different bacteria in the male key information organ system. If it is not cleaned, it will produce foreskin dirt, which will cause inflammation in the long run.

If it is not cleaned before handling, these bacteria can easily develop into the body of Chinese female patients, cause infection, and cause gynecological inflammation in Chinese women.