Retirement savings are too small, 3 ways to reduce the cost of living.

Janice 2020-03-25

Retirement Savings

Although retirement should be a time to enjoy the fruits of labor, many Americans in the 1960s were too short of money and worried about how to support themselves after leaving work. If you are near time and your retirement investment account balance is too low to maintain quality of life, you need to take action.

You don't want to spend limited savings to maintain a standard of living beyond your ability. Instead, you should try to save your savings. In particular, there are three main measures that can greatly reduce your expenditures, which can help you reach a certain level of financial security even when your bank doesn't have a lot of money.

1. Moving to cheaper places

For millions of Americans, most of their wealth is in their homes. If your home is expensive and has a lot of equity, downsizing can be the key to saving your pension. Moving to a cheaper home will free up investment funds. You can also reduce property taxes, utilities, and maintenance costs by switching to smaller, more powerful houses.

Relocation may also mean changing your city or state. The cost of living varies widely across the country. If you live in an expensive place, changing the address can save you thousands.

2. Get rid of or reduce

the size of a car It is not cheap to own a car. Unless you own it completely, you may have to repay the loan every month. In 2019, loan payments for new cars have climbed to an average of $ 550 per month. You also need to consider insurance, registration and inspection costs, and maintenance costs.

If you are a family of two, choosing to rent a car with your spouse can save a lot of money. This may be useful now that you are not working. Even elderly people who own only one car are more economical options to get rid of if they live in a pedestrian zone or an area where public transportation is convenient, even if they occasionally need to rent a car or use a carpool service.

If you can't get rid of the vehicle problem completely, then it makes sense to choose a cheaper used car. Their payments are much lower, averaging $ 392 per month. Although this is still a lot, it is $ 2,000 less per year than a new car loan.


Select some tax concession states for a country's social security benefits. Some states also tax pension or retirement account allocations, while others do not.

Taxes can greatly reduce the money you use to support yourself. Although you cannot escape federal taxes, you can choose which states give preferential treatment to retirees in their tax laws.

Not only to consider income tax. If business or property taxes are high, this will also reduce spending power. It's worth investigating low-tax locales to find a place that makes you happy and has less money flowing to government.

If your retirement savings are too small, drastic lifestyle changes may have different effects

, and your reserves are too small to take action, and changing transportation conditions may be the key to preserving savings.

Although these lifestyle changes may not seem interesting, it is much better to voluntarily reduce the cost of living to live on your own money than to be forced to struggle in subsequent bankruptcies. Take action as quickly as possible to find a solution that works for you so you can retire happily while you retire while continuing to make money.

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