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What is PCB? What is the function of PCB?

Carrie 2023-11-20

What is PCB? What is the function of PCB?

PCB (printed circuit board), also known as printed circuit board, is an important electronic component, is the support body of electronic components, and is the carrier of electrical connection of electronic components. pcb stackup calculator Because it is made of electronic printing, it is called a "printed" circuit board.

What is the role of pcb? There are mainly through these of us

Function 1 allows complex wiring to be replaced, helping to achieve electrical connections between circuit elements. 1 oz vs 2 oz This capability not only simplifies the assembly and welding of electronic products. It can also effectively reduce the workload of traditional wiring methods and reduce the labor intensity of workers.

Function 2 :pcb reduces the volume of the whole machine and reduces the cost of the product. Effectively improve the quality and reliability of electronic equipment. Pcb can also achieve standardized practical ways to achieve mechanization and automation of production.

What is PCB? What is the function of PCB? Top ten PCB enterprises in China

pcb features:

PCB can be widely used because it has many unique advantages, as follows:

1. Can be high-density

Over the years, the high density of printed boards has not been able to develop economically with the improvement of integrated circuit integration and the progress of installation engineering technology in China.

2. High reliability

Through a series of technical means such as inspection, testing and aging test, the PCB can be guaranteed to work reliably for a long time (generally 20 years).

3. Designability

Various performance requirements of PCB (electrical, physical, chemical, mechanical, etc.) This can be achieved through design standardization and normalization. The design time is short and the efficiency is high.

4. Be productive

PCB adopts modern management, can achieve standardization, scale, automatic production, so as to ensure the consistency of product quality.

5. Testability

A relatively perfect test method and standard have been established, which can detect and identify the qualification and service life of PCB products through various test equipment and instruments.

6. Assemblability

PCB products are convenient for students to manage standardized assembly of various components, and can be automated and large-scale mass production through analysis. In addition, an integral assembly between the PCB and various other components can also form larger components, systems, and even the whole machine.

7. Maintainability

Since the components and various components of PCB products are assembled as a whole through standardized design and mass production, these components are standardized. Therefore, once the system fails, it can be replaced quickly, easily and flexibly, and the system can be quickly restored.