Can you define trendy?

Carry 2023-05-04

Can you define trendy?

Adjective, trendier, trendiest. of, about, or concerning the most recent fashion or trend. being up to date or fashionable; adhering to current trends: the youthful, trendy crowd.

What examples of trends are there?

A trend is something that is widely followed or has become popular. A northern moving shoreline is an illustration of a trend. The bell bottom jean trend is an illustration of a trend. a typical pattern or sequence of events.

Why are women so attractive?

Men favor women who have attractive high-pitched voices, a huge, gorgeous grin, a wide waist-hip ratio, a distinctive sense of style, healthy-looking hair, a fantastic sense of humor, and other attractive qualities.

What does poetry style mean?

A poem's rhyme scheme, structure, rhythm, and meter are all governed by a set of principles known as a poetic form. A poem's intent and tone may also be influenced by its form. You can create a poem that is genuinely compelling when the message and the form mesh together.

What are fashion and beauty?

Although they are frequently associated with women, guys are equally interested in fashion and beauty. Men are now being discovered to follow fashion and enjoy leading stylish lives. For them, personal grooming that improves their overall persona is beauty.

What does "in style" mean?

phrase. When something is in vogue, it is extremely stylish and well-liked. If something is in style, it quickly becomes well-liked and stylish. Autumnal bronzes and coppers are substantially less in style than pale colors.

What is a trendy individual?

When you describe something or someone as trendy, you are referring to their extreme modernity and style. [informal]

What does slang for "style" mean?

Noun. The terms approved by individuals who want to be in the know are fashion, style, mode, vogue, fad, rage, and craze.

Which six components make up style?

Style characteristics include the following: the use of figurative language, sentence structure, grammar, rhythm, and component sounds; diction (word choice); • Rhetorical techniques (e.g. narration, description, comparison-contrast, etc.)

What is learned in fashion styling?

The function of a fashion stylist will be taught to students. Additionally, students will study about several modern fashion picture styles and important industry creatives. Students will gain knowledge about the significance of personal styling, or how you present yourself, as well as the essential abilities needed to become a personal stylist.