What are mining machines, mines, pools and nodes? What is the relationship between them?

Fiona 2022-08-12

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A mining machine is a machine that appears specifically to solve a problem. s19 pro 110thIn the order of appearance, they are CPU mining machines, GPU mining machines, and ASIC mining machines.

The initial group of people used CPUs (memory) for analytical computing mining, and wanting to get a large amount of data aggregation arithmetic means we need to enterprise many CPUs at the same time can do. But in the process of this research to improve they found that the use of CPU for design calculations is simply too big to use, there are many ways to calculate a unit simply do not use, how to kill the chicken with a slaughter cow? In addition, the cost is also very expensive.

At this point, it was discovered that GPUs (graphics cards) could meet the needs of mining by simply processing parallel calculations, and then turned to GPU mining, greatly reducing costs and improving cost performance. But as more and more miners entered the mine, people could no longer be satisfied with the speed of the GPU, and a large number of ASIC miners, or specialized integrated circuit miners, emerged. This miner has different models based on different cryptocurrency algorithms and specializes antminer 19in mining various digital currencies.

The emergence of ASIC miners immediately made the computer world unfair. More and more money came in and started buying large numbers of mining machines in order to concentrate mining. They put these machines in the mountains for cheap electricity and ground rent, calculate them simultaneously day and night, and then form mines.

But as the market expanded, the mines gradually became less dominant. As computing power rose on all sides, it became harder and harder for mines to dig their own blocks, and the uncertainty of the blocks made it difficult to ensure that profits could afford the costs.

So our various mines decided to corporate huddle, and they converged and fused their computing power together, eventually becoming a mining pool. On the one hand the probability of getting out of the block will be bitmain s19 progreatly developed to improve, can get a piece of the pie; another important aspect of existence that is a did not dig the block, the mining pool will also give students them for a fixed guaranteed income, is out of the block after obtaining the bulk of the bitcoin will be taken away by the mining pool - but our country is learning from others to eat meat, but after all, their own country Strength building can't keep up, so it's good enough to have a mouthful of soup, isn't it?

In short, mining machines converge into mines, and mines converge into pools, trickles, and streams converge into the sea.

So now in the digital currency network, nodes are no longer personal devices, any mine or pool can be seen as a large node, and the latter has far surpassed the personal device nodes and become the backbone of the Bitcoin network.