A typical narrowband IoT technology architecture is a three-layer, application scenario

Christina 2022-06-08

A typical narrowband IoT technology architecture is a three-layer, application scenario

Sensing layer, network layer, and application layer.

Sensing layer: It is composed of various sensors, including temperature and humidity sensors, QR code tags, RFID tags and readers, cameras, infrared lines, GPS and other sensing terminals.

The sensing layer is the source of the IoT to identify objects and collect information. lte iot module If the network Internet of things is compared with a person, the perception layer is the sense organs, such as eyes, nose, ears, skin, etc.

Network layer: consists of various networks, including Internet, radio network, network security management control system and cloud computing technology platform, etc. It is the hub of the whole IoT, responsible for transmitting and processing the information obtained by the student perception layer.

Narrowband Internet of things through the network layer is equivalent to the human nervous system, transmission and various data signals.

Application layer: It is the interface between the Internet of things and the user. It is combined with the needs of the industry to realize the intelligent application of the Internet of things. The application layer of IoT is equivalent to human brain, which is responsible for analyzing and processing various data.

NB-IoT technology application scenes

It is widely used in oil field, oil well, gas field, steam pipeline, heating system pipeline, water pump room, refrigeration, storage, agricultural development shed, breeding and other environments for real-time information monitoring and early warning.

Widely applied in the machine room, the power of the station, the environment for monitoring and management system, low-voltage distribution monitoring and control technology system, power data can monitor and control system, factory machine learning equipment, production line operation working condition monitoring system, production cost information collection system and other wireless monitoring and early warning.