5G period is coming, how will the car network change?

Elizabeth 2022-05-20

5G period is coming, how will the car network change?

5G period is really coming, 5G Internet compared to 4G Internet, with a fast rate, lower latency, smoother network speed, and can deal with many of the technical problems in the field of car networking applications, that 5G Internet popularization, to promote the car networking will cause what transformation?

The first thing we need to understand is that Telematics is a unique branch of IoT technology, and the main mobile communication technology specification for Telematics at this stage is 4GLTE, with a basic theoretical speed of only 150Mbps (gnss module), whose speed, network bandwidth and network latency are all at a general level. And 5G is a new generation of communication technology, not only has obtained many of our country's full support, communication, processing chip and operators and other companies actively planning 5G commercial service process. 5G and cloud computing technology, Internet big data, AI technology, VR/AR and other new up technology closely combined, for customers to give high-end other games entertainment and use and other scenarios of the feeling, for the human-computer interaction technology method has produced a qualitative improvement.

We take the development history of cell phone entertainment as an example, in the period of 2G and 3G ten years ago, it is difficult to remember that today will come out Jitterbug short video, Racer video and other small video App or popular hand games like King Pesticide, because the server bandwidth and cell phone end system configuration at that time did not have the ability to reach so high-end cultural and artistic requirements. This example shows that the cell phone side (higher characteristics on the phone) and the Internet side (rapid network speed) of the technology to enhance the development trend, will cause vital disruption and transformation of the consumer application requirements along with. And 5G's basic theoretical maximum value transmission rate can reach tens of Gb per second level, which is hundreds of times faster than the 4G online transmission rate, a whole super picture quality clear film can be downloaded for free in less than 1 second. With the advent of 5G technology, the period of sharing 3D movies and mobile games with vehicle-based terminal devices has come to people. The world's martial arts, no one can beat, the technological transformation of the Internet infrastructure construction is likely to create unimaginable and important innovations to many drivers in the field of travel applications.

High-precision navigation bar

High-precision maps can bring a more comprehensive range of map data information applicable under the data transmission standard. Manufacturers can bring customers a variety of 2D, 3D, communication satellite a variety of map ways to choose, also including offline online two application methods, a variety of map interactive ways to achieve a variety of scenarios on the map requirements.

In order to better give customers more accurate navigation bar feeling, in the case that there is no network delay, the accuracy can reach higher than today, in addition to include traffic road conditions, intelligent congestion avoidance will get the value from the cloud space more immediately to the car end down, the speed of the upgrade will also be rapid. For example, car buyers are likely to look forward to seeing the real-time monitoring interface around the end point or the three-dimensional panoramic main view around a certain address before they get it, which will be done quickly in the near future under the coordination of 5G's fast Internet and higher-equipped car intelligence systems!

Home Entertainment

Songs from unfavorable mp3 to high-quality flac, short video from 720P to HD Blu-ray and then to 4K screen resolution, video file format playback video video bit rate has a qualitative leap, the current market car intelligent system is likely to step into a wave of hardware configuration update boom, the car's audio and video equipment will gradually and other cell phones, laptops and other electronic products with 歩. Perhaps two years later, is not the configuration of the applicable 4K pixel car navigation equipment will become the main indicator value of the customer to buy a car. Ultra-clear family entertainment will also better meet the requirements of the driver (to meet the conditions of safe driving) and guests of the traffic game entertainment, the length of time in the car will no longer be boring and difficult.

In addition, 5G is also likely to cause the reform of the specific content production of video and audio, for example, everyone nowadays the full film of the cinema is about 90min ~ 120 minutes, in fact, are not quite suitable for playing video in the car-type machine equipment, ultimately the high frequency of the large group of close driving route is generally within 30min. Therefore, the specific content giving party is likely to make a lot of short video specific content within 30min for the car-type natural environment professional writing, under the higher speed network speed, the car-type HD online video playback is also a new up of the independent entrepreneurial road.

5G car networking and intelligent assisted driving

In many people's first impression, 5G is likely only free download speed increase, connection delay reduction, but in fact, 5G is a more adequate connection system software, it covers three levels, the first is enhanced broadband, the second is given for important business process-type service projects to apply, and finally is the application of massive Internet of things (including the Internet of vehicles).

When it comes to Telematics, it is important to talk about the effectiveness of LTE-V2X in Telematics, and what are the basic communication methods of Telematics. v2x is an important technology under the future road transportation system software, the key includes V2V (vehicle-vehicle), V2I (vehicle-infrastructure construction), V2N (vehicle-Internet technology), V2P (vehicle-road people).

As a wireless network data exchange platform technology, it can keep the data exchange platform in the middle of the car and all other physical lines, and then get a series of road condition information such as traffic condition, road information content, road people information content, etc. to improve driving safety factor and public transportation efficiency.

In order to better meet the car V2X communication requirements, the industry usually has two sets of plans: DSRC (DedicatedShortRangeCommunications dedicated near-range communication technology) and LTE-V2X (combined with 4GLTE Internet car communication solutions). The latter type of LTE-V2X is a dedicated protocol book for Telematics based on 4G technology to complete vehicle-to-vehicle communication with LTE cellular mobile network as the basic V2X.

Unlike 4G, which is critically biased towards person-to-person communication, 5G produces an end-to-end ecosystem. It improves the bandwidth of mobile networks with top value speeds of up to 20Gb/s, applies lower latency (≤10ms), higher stability (>99.99%) and more of its network bandwidth (1 million end devices can be connected per hectare). And this kind of data information represents a higher safety factor, ultimately ms level of delay for a safety accident detection and disposal is a world of difference in meaning. For many years in the past, intelligent assisted driving and connected cars, even with the application of new national policies, have been unable to develop rapidly due to many subjective reasons. Mainly depends on the basic technology still has a short board, and the 5G Internet business is bound to give a more suitable breakthrough for the combination of intelligent assisted driving and car networking.

Intelligent assisted driving has a variety of cognitive machine equipment (radar detection, surveillance cameras, IMU, GPS, etc.) in addition to the body of the car, but also must rely on a variety of V2X devices in the natural environment of real driving. China's road environment is exceptionally complicated, and local sensor system software such as radar detection, surveillance cameras and millimeter wave radar are subject to hazards such as perspective and natural environment. The future traffic signals, communication base stations, and even road users are all part of the V2X network, and all the regional street communities and cars will definitely be woven into a data map, making the management decisions of the intelligent assisted driving optimization algorithm more reasonable and intelligent.

The current intelligent assisted driving technology relies on its own feeling machine equipment is usually particularly expensive, and the technology transformation is rapid, but the vehicle's own hardware configuration is not very easy to update, which is very easy to cause the current vehicle cognitive machine equipment quickly obsolete.

And 5G IoT technology after popularization, the street road street lights, billboards, passers-by on the body of the cell phone, wristwatches these are able to boost intelligent assisted driving. From the first-person perspective of the vehicle, converted into a third-person perspective, to achieve the practical effect of the authorities. And this kind of machine and equipment cost fee is lower, technology optimization is faster, can give reasonable infrastructure construction work ability applicable for the implementation of intelligent assisted driving.