How to guide children to deal with setbacks correctly?

Claudia 2021-12-06

How to guide children to deal with setbacks correctly?

The so-called frustration education is the understanding of failure and pain. There is no victory without setbacks, and no success without failure. What is frustration? What is failure? It requires practical experience and feelings, including: disappointment, inferiority, negativity, blow, abandonment, loss, loss, etc. How should these setbacks be resolved?

Nowadays, many children cannot bear the blow. Whenever they are wronged, they will guard their parents crying, begging their parents to give them the necessary help. You cry if you fail the exam, you cry if you are laughed at by others, cry if you are criticized by the teacher, or even if you don't do well. Shows a look of innocence and cowardice. The anti-frustration ability is really poor, and it also brings a lot of helplessness to the parents. Many parents know that improving their children's ability to resist frustration is very important to their children's growth. Suffering from not finding a good way. How can it be effective?

Don't avoid frustration, don't complain!

If you don’t escape, you can face it with confidence, be able to solve problems yourself, improve your living ability, hone your will, increase your resistance to setbacks, and enhance your self-confidence. In the face of setbacks, don't complain about other people's mistakes or God's unfairness, but calm down and reflect on yourself, and then find a solution to the problem. This is not only an attitude, but also a kind of wisdom!

Correctly understand the concept of frustration.

Frustration is the pain of making yourself unhappy. Don't avoid pain, don't be afraid of pain, only pain can make you more clear and rational. If you don’t suffer or don’t know what suffering is, you will never grow and mature. Therefore, frustration and pain are not bad things, but a prelude to happiness and success. Without this prelude, you will not feel the meaning and greatness of happiness and success ive civil engineering!

Setbacks are risks. Without risks, there is no setbacks and gains.

Seek advantages and avoid disadvantages is the law of doing things, and it is also the principle that everyone wants to do things. This means that it is not to avoid harmful, but to solve harmful disadvantages and situations. Then the positive side comes out, which means that both advantages and disadvantages coexist. The harmful side cannot be resolved, and the positive side will not arise. Therefore, in order for children to learn and live better, we must let children learn to experience the ups and downs, and turn setbacks and risks into self-confident motivation and wisdom. This is the rule and performance of children's growth and maturity!