What is the Internet of Things? How do you use it and what impact will it have?

Hellen 2021-12-06

What is the Internet of Things? How do you use it and what impact will it have?

The Internet of Things is a buzzword in modern society and has far-reaching implications for society. But what is it, how do we use it, and what kind of impact will it have? Exciting or scary? Is it helpful? Who are the wireless module winners and who are the losers?

These are all very important questions, especially if you think the Internet of Things could have a big impact on computers and the Internet. Maybe even more.

Let's start with the name itself, because it can be a bit confusing. The Internet of Things was originally used as a differentiator of the Internet we are familiar with today, sometimes referred to as the human Internet. However, since the IoT uses the same network as the Internet for people, some companies prefer to use the World Wide Web, which may be a more accurate description. But the name never came up, probably because everything wasn't specific enough.

In the last few years, the Internet of Things has not been very accurate, and may even be misleading. Perhaps the best way to describe the Internet of Things is as an application or service that uses information gathered from sensors (things), analyzes the data, and then does something with it (e.g., does more with actuators).

For example, the service could be an electronic lifestyle coach that collects data through a wristband, analyzes the data (trends), and guides the wearer to a healthier life. Or an electronic security guard, analyzing data from motion sensors or cameras and creating alerts. Or a housekeeper, turning off lights, heaters, or air conditioning when the room is not in use. Perhaps Internet services would more closely describe the value of the Internet of Things.

But whatever its best name, the IoT is usually a set of servers that are connected via the cloud to store and analyze data (trends, alarms, etc.). , which then communicates with the user via an application running on a computer, tablet or smartphone. Thus, it is not what is connected to the Internet that creates value.

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