What should I do if my face is dry and flaky?

Purplegrape 2021-08-08

What should I do if my face is dry and flaky?

"Dry face is not divided into men and women, it is related to the individual skin type. If you want to have a clear knowledge of your own skin, you can go to a specialized beauty store to test your skin type, whether it is oily, dry, or mixed, and the most difficult to get sensitive skin. Once you know your skin type, you can apply the right remedy (note: it is cheap to have your skin type tested in a beauty shop~). First of all, your face peeling and dry to rule out the possibility of allergies, after the exclusion, you just need to do these things on it.


One, drink water, scientific verification, the human body is made of 70% of water, eight glasses of water a day is not nonsense, is based on the individual situation set out. In one, water is the source of life, sometimes the simplest things, but will help you a lot, maybe without much expensive cosmetics, the minimum cost of water can solve your problems. But drinking water is also about the method, you can't say eight cups of water a day, you wash it all at once, which is not only not good for you, and may cause you discomfort.


Second, the moisturizer, here said the moisturizer is not how big, do not need to be more expensive, you can download a test skincare ingredients APP, buy a moisturizer containing olive oil, shea butter or jojoba oil ingredients, the effect are very good. There are other ingredients such as petroleum jelly, glycerin, urea, mineral oil, etc. These ingredients are also very good results as ingredients.

Third, do not use overheated hot water bath, we try to control the time in the bath in ten minutes, the water temperature is not too hot, do not pursue the prickly hot feeling, the water temperature and their body temperature is similar to it. Some people say that it is not enough to apply body lotion? The effect of the body milk mask is the same, a one-time effect, and the more you use the more dry, do not use more dry, so we have to fundamentally slow down the problem.

Well, these tips to do well, then your face will definitely greatly reduce the possibility of being hurt, quickly collect it!