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Esther 2022-04-07
The corona virus which strikes terror in peoples’ hearts todaywas used to be a lame oppoent that posed threats to no one.How does it become so powerful all of a sudden? Let me explain to you in details todayFirst of all, we have to understand what viruses areIn our previous videos, we explainedThere are two families of infectious diseses: bacterial and viralSimply put, bacterias are living orgainsmsAs long as there is enough nutrients in the environmentThey can multiply or reproduceBut they have a nemesis:The antibioticsFor instance, the syphilis is caused by a bacteriaIt could be cured by penicillinMost bacterias are good guyslike Lactobacilis and yeast, etc.Only a few bacterias are harmful to the human bodylike Candida albicansHowever, most of the viruses are bad guysGood guys like Bacteriophage are rareViruses are tinyBacterias are small tooBut if a bacteria is the size of a high riserA virus will be of the size of a person in itViruses cannot reproduce by themselvesThey have to live in a host, like plants, animals, people, and even bacteriasThey invade the hosts‘ cellsand depend on the cells to reproduceSo they are not living organismsThey need to combine with human cellsThey are between living and non-livingthey are difficult to be “killed” by medicinesIf you destroy them by forceyou kill healthy cells, tooThe best solution is to depend on your own immune systemto deal with the virusesThat‘s why our body develops life immunity towards virus like smallpoxafter one infectionbut bacterial infections like the syphiliscould come back time and time againIf you caught a viral infection,injections and taking antibiotics can only stop the complicationsFrom bacterial infectionAt the moment, human beingsare defenseless against most viral diseasesThe most effective prevention is vaccinewhich upgrades the immune system in your bodyThe immune system will remeber the virusmaking it hard to invade the body in the futureThere had only been one victory in humanity’s war against the virus:The smallpoxThe smallpox took over 500 millions livesBut smallpox has a runt in its a family: CowpeaCowpea looks extremely like SmallpoxBut it’s a lot weaker than smallpoxBy putting a small dosage of cowpea into the human bodyThe immune system will remember the face of smallpoxAnd stops its invasion to the body in the futureThat was how humanity destroyed smallpoxBut for other viruses, there are no runts in their familiesThey are able to alter or upgrade themselves every yearMaking it impossible for our immune system to spot themThat’s why the vaccines for the fluare only effective only in that yearAfter knowing the differences between bacterias and virusesLet’s talk about the corona virusThe corona viruses was spotted in the 1960sBut no one talked about itBecause back then it was a weak virusThat was only infectious among other mammals and birdsThroughout the 20th century,Only two kinds of corona viruses made it to the frontlineAnd infected peopleThey are 229E and OC43And their names are not importantBecause their career was short-livedPeople hardly noticed they were thereThey only made people cough and sneezeThe symptoms were like common coldThey were not fatalComparing to other powerful infectious diseasesLike the Syphilis and AIDS, they are nothingAnd yes, smallpox was permanently removed from the pictureHowever, in November 2002The corona virus family welcomes a starSARSSARS was an understudy player,Having its training only on batsBut SARS made use of civets as springboardsTo become a strikerWhen SARS entered the human bodyIt found the perfect battlefieldFor their heavily trained skilled on the batsThe virus will replicate by absorbing healthy cellsAnd spread in the body in an alarming rateBut the human body has its own immune systemLike an army, it will fight the invading virusesThe immune system hasn’t seen SARS beforeAnd thought, “Who the heck is this?”First its launched the antibodies on SARSBut the antibodies didn’t matchThey couldn’t fight SARS effectivelyFacing such a strong opponentThe human body switches to “Turbo” mode, launching massive attacksThis causes high fevers, coughs, and shortness of breathAnd finally, respiratory failureIn the end, the virus was expelledBut the human body was serious messed upOr even resulted in deathThere is a proper medical term for this:Cytokines stormIn the epidemic of Spanish Flu in 1918, and H1N1 in 2009Cytokines storm was the major cause of deathAntibiotics are useless with SARS because it is a virusyou can only use antipyretic as treatmentAnd relieve the stress of the bodyBy artificial assisted breathing, antiviral drug, and high dosage of steroidsBut mainly it depends on one’s immune system17 years has passed...No effective remedy nor vaccine was found for SARSThe horror of SARS is that even if you recover, There are serious sequelaeincluding IPF, osteoporosis, osteonecrosis, etc.SARS is the first corona virusThat became a striker and killed mercilesslyForcing humans to take it seriouslyIn 2004 and 2005, right after SARSCame two corona viruses againNL63 and HKU1They are so weak that they don’t have their own Wikipedia page in ChineseOf coz they can’t kill peopleWhen corona virus is almost forgottenIn 2012, a new star player emergedMERSThe second type of corona virus that can killBut MERS is too grumpyWhile the mortality rate of SARS is 15%that of MERS is 30%But it’s less infectious than SARSBecause MERS kill their hosts too quicklyIn late 2019, Wuhan new corona virus appearedThe 7th one in the family to climb to the topThe 3rd star playerScientists call it nCoV,Or Wuhan Pneumonia, or COVID-19Humans know nothing about it,Including its origins, how it mutates,Nor its mortality rateWhy are the three corona virus “stars”so strong?Because they have these “star qualities”:First, they are highly transmissibleTransmission of diseases like syphilis and AIDS depends on blood and sexual activitiesIt was too slowTo spread extensively, sneezing, coughing and talking are much more effectiveSpreading by spit droplets is more efficientPowerful viruses cannot act hastilyKilling people too quicklyThey have to lay low for a whileTo let carriers who still look healthyspread the virus to others unknowinglyThat’s how it spreads extensivelyAnd the star viruses mutate fastThey know that humans will invent vaccines against themBut they are not frightenedThe genetic material of corona virus is RNAWhich is different from DNADNA has a double helix structureMatching copies are on both sides of the chainsRNA has only one chainSo it can restructure its genes easilyIf you don’t have a science background and don’t understand a word I’m talking about, it’s okaySImply put, they are easy to mutateMaking the development of vaccines difficultIt’s like our immune system remembers a virus’ face todayBut tomorrow the same virus appears with a new lookOur immune system cannot recognize itSmallpox was destroyedBecause it has a double-helix DNA structureIt’s genetic materials are stableWe can spot its weakness easilyAnd destroy itLastly, the corona virus has a good palThe batsIts natural hostTo become a natural host one must fulfillboth of these requirements:LongevityAnd not to be afraid of the virusSo a virus can strengthen and evolveInside the host’s bodyOther features that add credits areBeing the only flying mammalAnd having an in-built ultrasound systemNext time we will talk about bats’ DNAHow its unique structureMakes it the perfect training centre for virusesWe will discuss it in the next episodeStatistics on Infectious diseasesLet us revisit all the corona viruses that infected human beingsFrom this table we can see7 kinds of corona viruses made the chartThey can infect human beingsBut 4 of them are mildWhile the other 3 are fatalHumanity has a long history of fighting virusesAnd viruses are everywhereThe virus that gives you the common coldHides inside your nasal cavityIt attacks whenever your immune system is weakSo everybody should exercise and go out in the sun moreHave a regular lifestyle and balanced dietto boost your immune systemEvery year 300 thousand persons die of the flu6600 in the US, 88,000 in ChinaThe corona virus is not the fluHuman being are familiar with the fluWe know how to deal with it, and we have vaccinesBut we know nothing about the corona virusWhere did it come from? WIll it mutate? What’s the mortality rate?We don’t have answers to any of those questionsTo say that the corona virus is just the fluOr that we blindly attack ChinaOr that the Wuhan pneumonia is not serious, are just irresponsibleThe letters in front of the names of these weak corona virusesNL and HK represents Netherlands and Hong KongThe places where they were foundWe must emphasize again, naming it “Wuhan virus”Has no meaning of racism at allThough antibiotics are effective in killing bacteria’sBut excessive use of it will help bacterias develop resistanceAnd into super-bacteriasIt will bring serious consequencesThe medical practitioners who abuses antibioticsare irresponsible to public health and are unethicalIn 1890, British Bacteriologist Earnest HankinWas intrigued by the river Ganges in IndiaAccording to local customs,People will put the deceased into the riverAnd garbage and excrement, tooMaking it a breeding ground for bacteriasProne to outbreaks of plagues like choleraHowever, comparing to the outbreaks in the contaminated rivers in EuropeThose in the Ganges ends quicklyThe river is dirtier but the plague is smallerIs there really a god to protect them?Hankin believed there was a certain material in the water that killed the bacteriasBut he didn’t have any evidence20 years laterFrench-Canadian microbiologist Félix d'HérelleProvided answers to Hankin’s questionsThe mysterious component is bacteriophageBacteriophage is the few good guys among virusesBacterias are their hostsBacteriophage is harmless to the human bodyBut it can kill other bad guysLike choleraIt is often used clinically as a medical supplyIt provided humanity with a new option to fight against fatal diseasesThe story about the river GangesWill be told on my FB pageIn general, those who died of influenza are children and the elderlyBut if a young and strong person dies of the fluIt means that his/her immune system is too strongleading to a Cytokin StormWhen the immune system is fighting the virusesIt overworks because the enemy is too strongReleasing large amounts of inflammatory factors,Which, at an appropriate level, helps fighting the virusBut when the level is too high it damages lung tissuesand lead to acute respiratory distressThe inflammatory factors are carried in the blood stream to other organsLeading to multiple organ failuresAt this stage, only extracorporeal life supporting machinescould relieve the body’s stress

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