Wi-Fi and WLAN: We are not the same

Allison 2021-12-06


With the popularity of cell phones and computers, people are increasingly inseparable from wireless networks in their daily lives. The two are not the same, are they not? What is the difference between them?

WLAN (Wireless Local Area Network) is a network established in a local area by using wireless communication technology, which is a product of combining computer network and wireless communication technology.


WLAN uses wireless multi-access channel as transmission medium to provide the functions of traditional wired LAN, so that the network connection is no longer a simple cable connection, but can move or change with the development of computer users, providing the possibility of mobile, personalized and multimedia applications for communication.

The communication range of wireless LAN is not limited by the environment, and the transmission range of the network is wide, up to several tens of kilometers. Anywhere the wireless signal covers, users can connect to the network by moving their computers anywhere they want. For temporary work groups or home networking, WLAN is the most suitable.


Compared with traditional networks, WLAN networks are more flexible, easy to install, low cost to deploy, better scalability, and suitable for use in many places: environments where wiring is difficult, such as open-air areas where wiring is difficult and costly; environments that change frequently, such as retailers where locations change frequently, field surveys, and other places.

And Wi-Fi is a wireless network consisting of wireless access nodes (access point, AP) and wireless network cards. A wireless access point is a bridge between a traditional wired local area network and a wireless local area network, and works like a hub (a multi-port transponder) or a route with a built-in wireless transmitter; a wireless card is a device used to receive signals emitted by the wireless access point.

In short, Wi-Fi technology is the same as Bluetooth technology, which is a short-range wireless technology. In layman's terms, Wi-Fi is also a wireless networking technology that transforms from a network cable into radio waves to connect to a network. The common way is that Wi-Fi connection can be used to network within the effective coverage of the airwaves of a wireless router.