Lesson 1: create your non-governmental organization's strategic plan

Juliana 2022-12-13

Lesson 1: create your non-governmental organization's strategic plan

[Independent NGO consultant Hilary Binder-Avilés] When people have ideas about how to solve problems encountered in the community, people create NGOs. [Idea] Suppose you set up a non-governmental organization whose mission is to provide opportunities for girls to expand their education.

You might start with the process of providing guidance for girls' cram school, and then the project of reaching out to parents. Soon, more and more schools want you to establish mentoring programs, and girls and their parents need different kinds of training programs. Your NGO unconsciously tries to make everything for everyone a reality.

The strategic plan must first clearly state the purpose of the mission of the NGO. [The strategic plan must first be stated with a purpose]. It should also include a vision statement describing how you view the future NGO. [Mission Vision] For example: "Do we see a lot of courses in many different schools? Or do we focus on some schools and provide them with more courses? Do we see ourselves establish our own centers?"

Now, how does your NGO develop a strategic plan? Non-governmental organizations carry out strategic planning in many different ways. The easiest way is to convene NGO board members, employees and volunteers to participate in a one-day meeting to reflect on where you are now and where you want to be in the future.

You can involve other stakeholders, for example, the community members you serve, partner organizations, and even your donors can provide advice on these issues. You can do this using surveys, interviews, or holding community meetings. Now, what challenges might you face in your strategic planning?

You may lack technical knowledge, such as how to prepare a plan. Seek guidance from another experienced NGO. You might think: "When we have people who need help and deadlines, we don't have time to attend all these meetings."

However, you will find that by giving people time to share their views on NGOs and reach a consensus on the future direction of their NGOs, you will build a clearer, unified environment around your whereabouts and the way you reach your destination. Remember, the strategic plan can be used as a road map-[the strategic plan can be used as a road map] to keep your NGO focused on its mission and priorities. Make sure that all employees and volunteers understand the plan and organize work around the plan.

Before deciding to adopt a new project or new partnership, please check the plan first and then see if it is appropriate. Have the board review the plan once a year to assess progress. Send the final plan to your donors and partners, show it at a community meeting, and if it is, post it to your website.


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