"Closed not suspended" support plan

Donna 2021-12-06
Since the school suspension,2teachers can't meet face to face with students.3We decided to use remote teaching4so students can learn at home.5With Team's online meeting feature,6it allows me to teach 80 students at the same time.7Teacher can distribute worksheets online,8students can work on their assignments online.9Once they submit the assignments,10teacher can grade directly on the same platform11and assess their learning progress.12For example, in Maths lesson, I use Pear Deck plugin13which allows teachers to see student responses in real-time.14I can find out what difficulties they encounter15and give them guidance immediately.16I can also integrate the app Flipgrid in Teams17to create interactive classes.18Students can record video19to tell teachers if they really understand.20It also helps to improve their presentation skills at the same time.21During the class suspension,22beside academically,23Student can take part in PE lesson.24With teacher's demonstration of25Tabata workout training,26student can exercise to stay healthy.27Perhaps students haven't seen the teachers for a while,28They are very eager to ask questions.29Some of the students30are quieter or rarely to raise their hand.31Through online platform32they become more proactive 33Besides Teams,34We also use real time Q&A games35that majority of students will participate.36If the students cannot join our live streaming,37Teams has recording function,38they can watch recorded live streaming footage later.39To enhance learning,40Parents can use OneNote mobile app41to review their kids' learning progress.42Since 2004, Microsoft has been collaborating with the Hong Kong Education Bureau43to provide free to use software44and training support45to teachers and IT professionals.46Teams and Office 365 education version47allows teachers to grow professionally48and accelerate e-learning.49Peer support is important.50When we encounter problems in teaching,51if I ask in the group52I'll get a lot of responses.53E-learning platform is not bounded by time and space,54teachers and students can learn at home, school or even overseas.55With the right tool and internet,56learning can happen anywhere.

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