Are you facing the decline of official website traffic and low conversion effect?

Bubles 2020-07-17


With the mobile Internet becoming the mainstream, and the adjustment of Google search algorithm, many enterprise official websites are too late to update, leading to a decline in traffic. FB exposure reduced, need to find a new source of traffic? Website loading speed is slow, SEO is not good, mobile search traffic is very low? The official website store is open, but the conversion is not good? These... May be because the official website has been unable to keep up with the fast changing digital competition!

With the rapid development of social media and digital advertising, the era of online marketing leading performance has come! The role of the official website can not be ignored! In addition to spending money on advertising, you should make the official website a traffic generating machine. This is the so-called business philosophy of letting customers come to their door.

Many enterprises change the official website in order to integrate and develop e-commerce business. But building an EC store is just the first step! When netizens decide to buy, they have already finished their homework! Therefore, in order to become the last pocket list of consumers, marketers need to carry out multiple publicity programs.

From improving brand awareness, building professional content and brand impression, to inducing purchase, you will have a lot of opportunities to import netizens into the official website.

The official website of the new era should not be rigid enterprise information, but for the brand garden operated by the target customers. They can hang around here, find answers, find products and find discounts.

A professional media marketing should be treated as a small official website!

The focus of e-commerce system is generally placed on the shelves of goods and orders placed in stores. And the official website is like a new electronic shopping guide. Imagine that your official website is a professional online magazine. You need to create good-looking content!

Most of the official websites will have a simple submission system developed by system providers, which can publish "the latest news" or use an existing blog platform such as WordPress. But it's hard for marketers of such systems to update and change according to their own needs. The format of each article cannot be easily adjusted.

Therefore, under the framework of the official website with the mission of guiding shopping, your official website publishing tool needs to let Marketers:

A high degree of autonomy
You can change or create new web content at any time without using it
Page version type flexibility, can meet the marketing page for visual needs
The page should have the ability to integrate third-party plug-ins
You don't need to know web technology
The page should have the design of SEO, so that the content can be searched
Download the web page fast enough! Because the slower the speed, the higher the jump rate, SEO will also decline
Master the effect: you can master the data of the page at any time, optimize it immediately, and no longer feel like a blind man

Rapid production of high conversion rate shopping guide page

Whether it is seasonal promotion page, theme product recommendation, or landing page for line / FB push broadcasting, it is an enterprise's necessary ability to flexibly and quickly make various marketing propaganda pages.

Because it engineers and designers are very scarce resources, marketing personnel often feel tied hands and feet. A good submission system can return the master control to the marketer and greatly improve the efficiency.

Organize online activities to collect customer information and guide

Even if visitors on the official website don't place an order right away, you should still design various activities to deepen the goodwill of prospective customers and even collect their information! Whether it's a fun voting contest, questionnaire survey, or product trial recruitment, your goal is to make prospective customers more familiar with and trust your brand and increase their willingness to pay in the future.

A good marketing system should allow marketers to quickly organize these activities, collect information, and link to the community sharing function.

The strategy of practice content diversion

When content marketing becomes the mainstream thinking of online marketing, the official website should actively layout the content strategy and create free traffic through SEO. Your home page structure should not be just company introduction and product catalog, because these are not the content that netizens will look for!

The official website should plan the content marketing from the "problem to be solved" of the product itself, so that the content of the official website is closer to the needs of consumers, so that it can be easily searched.

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