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What to do when your laptop continues to hang

Christina 2022-04-07

What to do when your laptop continues to hang

Most laptops and computers, regardless of their specifications, will typically freeze or hang at random, especially when running memory-intensive applications or programs. However, if these random accidents happen too often, it will be difficult to deal with them. Whether you're looking to buy the latest HP laptop or Mac, knowing how to deal with these issues is crucial.

Common causes and solutions of notebook computer failures

Understanding the common causes of freezing can help you solve these problems. These are the most likely reasons why your laptop might suddenly stop working.

1. Run too many applications at once

Most of the latest Hewlett-Packard laptops and other manufacturers' devices are equipped with processors and enough memory to handle multitasking.

In addition, care should be taken when it comes to applications running in the background. Access the laptop's task manager and check the process that is currently running in the background. You can also find information about the memory usage of each individual program. When you find that the memory strain caused by the application is too large, turning it off prevents further suspension.

2. Out-dated drivers

Laptop and desktop users need to remember to update their devices at any time. Microsoft regularly releases major Windows updates, which introduce better security features and other improvements to operating system functions. Similarly, if your laptop is equipped with a video card, its driver needs to be updated separately.

In some cases, not updating these drivers can cause freezing and other performance problems. In addition, ignoring updates to your operating system leaves your laptop vulnerable to viruses and malware.

3. Overheating

Overheating is a common problem among laptop users. People should understand that the parts in these devices are designed to work at a particular temperature. Still, temperature spikes are common, especially if your laptop is running a heavy program or application. Another common cause of overheating is an internal cooling system or fan failure.

In any case, the best solution to the heating problem is to check the reviews of a specific laptop model before buying it.

4. Insufficient RAM

Your laptop's RAM requirements depend on how you plan to handle it. For example, video editing, graphics design, and games require your computer to hold at least 8 GB of RAM, although 16 GB is the recommended amount. These are memory-intensive activities that attract large amounts of random access memory.

On the other hand, if you want to use your computer to take notes or read books online, 4 GB of RAM should be enough. If you try to run modern video games on a laptop like this, you may experience huge lags or suspensions. As a result, RAM shortages can also be the main culprit in the case of frequent freezes.

5. Viruses

Certain computer viruses can also slow down your device or cause it to freeze frequently. People who don't have their own laptops and use antivirus programs are more likely to face this problem. These viruses can infect critical system files and prevent your device from working properly.

If you are a new user of a laptop, make sure you get a decent antivirus application as soon as possible.

When buying the latest Hewlett-Packard laptops, you also need to buy a license for an antivirus program to prevent such infections.

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