Easy to use and affordable Bluetooth headset: Baseus WM01

Daphne 2021-12-10

Easy to use and affordable Bluetooth headset: Baseus WM01

White-collar workers who commute by subway have similar feelings. It takes more than 2 hours to commute to and from get off work (coordinates in Beijing), so how to pass the time? To be honest, reading in the noisy environment of the car is simply inaccessible. Looking around, everyone is wearing headphones, or playing games, listening to music, or watching TV shows. A headset allows us to immerse ourselves in our world. Enjoy this short break. At this time, the equipment must be good, so how to choose a Bluetooth headset that suits you?

Bluetooth headsets have sprung up on the market now, with prices ranging from dozens to several thousand. Is it true that the more expensive the Bluetooth headset, the better? Of course, the more expensive headphones are superior in terms of sound quality and configuration, but the more expensive may not be more suitable for you, I prefer small and beautiful products. Recently, I use Baseus's new product. The wireless Bluetooth headset WM01 is easy to use and cost-effective. It is recommended to friends who are not on a high budget.

I was pleasantly surprised when I got the Baseus WM01. The white charging compartment is small and light, making it easy to carry around.



The accessories have a charging cable, two pairs of earplugs of different models, and a manual. The most intimate design is to provide cute picture stickers of the little lion. I chose one to stick on the bottom of the charging compartment. It is instantly cute and cute.


When choosing a Bluetooth headset, wearing comfort is very important. Baseus WM01 provides three sizes of SML earplugs, which match the size of most people. The headset itself is the size of a broad bean. There is no pressure on the back of the ear. Comfortable.


The earphones are used frequently in daily life, and the longer the standby time, the trouble of frequent charging can be avoided. I use it for about 2 hours a day. I charge it once, and I don’t need to charge it for a week.

Take out the earphones from the charging compartment, you can quickly pair and connect to Bluetooth. If you hear a beep, it means that Bluetooth is connected. Bluetooth disconnection is also a beep sound, which is not easy to distinguish. It is recommended to make a different sound or change it to an adult Sound reminder, such as "headphone connected", "headphone disconnected", etc., the experience will be better!


Baseus WM01 adopts a new generation of Bluetooth technology, and the left and right ears are connected by two ears. You can feel a smoother wireless experience when listening to music or watching TV shows.

Easy-to-use and affordable Bluetooth headset-Baseus WM01

The in-ear beveled silicone ear cap design makes the earphones better noise reduction. I mostly wear them on the subway. Everyone knows that people on the subway are noisy and the driving noise is relatively loud in a closed environment. But wearing this With these headphones, you can’t hear the noisy sounds around you, so you can enjoy the music.


After a week of use, it is concluded that this true wireless noise reduction headset is compact and easy to carry, comfortable to wear, long standby, and good noise reduction effect. However, the connection is unstable during use, and sometimes the sound crosses the ear and disappears. When answering the phone, the other party can't hear clearly, these areas need to be strengthened! But for those who are not very demanding, just watch TV shows and listen to songs on the commute, the price of 69 yuan is still very fragrant!