The glossy and rich material captivates me ♡ How to dress up the luxury that velor brings out

Gina 2023-03-28

The glossy and rich material captivates me ♡ How to dress up the luxury that velor brings out

"Velor" that enhances the sense of luxury

Of course, design is important when choosing clothes, but fabrics and materials are just as important.

Even so, the velor material, which has a beautiful glossy and smooth luster, will make you feel like a maiden just by wearing it!

This time, we will introduce the coordination using velor items that look high by color.

We have introduced a lot of designs and colors that are likely to make a difference with those around you, so let's realize the charm of velor ♡

BLACK velor

■ Classical vintage-style tops

Velor tops with a classical atmosphere.

The lace on the collar and velor bring out the luxury with just one piece.

Even if you wear it like a one-piece dress with black bottoms ◎

A gorgeous long skirt with three-tiered tulle frills.

The frills made of velor-like fabric sway every time you walk, making it a dressy outfit.

Perfect for party outfits!

■ Feminine dot tulle pumps

Elegant pumps with a combination of dot tulle and velor.

The pointed toe design makes it look like an adult.

Even if the whole body is black, it will give a light impression with the sheer feeling of your feet.

PINK velor

■ Velor cap that adds femininity

Even if the cap has a strong sporty image, if it is made of velor material, it will be easy to use for everyday use.

The design that adds femininity to casual wear is cute, isn't it?

■ Pink dress with strong spiciness

Velor dress with leopard print.

Let's dress pink like yourself with a punchy dress.

You can enjoy pink other than girly style ♡

■ Drawstring tote that is both cute and easy to use

lte module for laptop

A cute velor purse with an exquisite size that is neither too small nor too large.

If you add it to the unsatisfactory outfit, it will be an accent.

PURPLE velor

■ A sexy one-shoulder that gives you a healthy look

One-shoulder type tops with an elegant purple color.

You can create an elegant and mature look with a subtle, non-daring skin look.

■ Velor pants that look beautiful with a silhouette

Ribbed velor pants with easy-to-move stretch.

It fits the leg line and makes the silhouette look beautiful.

It is also a point that you can get a feeling of pulling out with the slit at the hem.

■ Tuffing bag full of vintage feeling

A cute toughing bag with a luxurious design like a vintage sofa.

It seems to make the coordination of the whole body even more gorgeous.

I want to bring it to a proper dinner.

GREEN velor

■ Puff and eye-catching protagonist velor tops

There is no doubt that these tops with eye-catching tulle fabric puffs will play a leading role in the outfit ♡

The point is the large open collar that makes the neck and décolletage look beautiful.

■ Velor x lace chest velor pants

These velor pants with lace on the velor material are comfortable to wear because they have a rubber waist that seems to grab the maiden's heart!

The pants have a cute design that makes it easy for girly lovers who don't usually wear them to take on the challenge.

■ Ballet shoes with a single line of sight

These velor ballet shoes with straps can be worn with casual denim or dressed up.

Let's make a difference with the surroundings with unusual colors and designs that you rarely see ♡

After all velor is the strongest and cute ♡

How was the most cute velor item in any color or system?

Even if you don't use the color you normally use, the velor material will give you a luxurious look, so if you find an item that interests you, please try it out.

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