What are the common misconceptions about breastfeeding babies?

April 2023-06-07

What are the common misconceptions about breastfeeding babies?

Usually, mothers breastfeed their babies after childbirth and let them suck on the mother's milk until the weaning age, and then slowly grow up on complementary foods. Some modern women learn from western culture and are not happy to breastfeed, thinking that it will affect their health. The following is a brief analysis of the knowledge points that may cause misunderstandings.

Worry that breastfeeding will make you fat if you have too much nutrition

Breastfeeding naturally requires a lot of nutrition, and mothers are worried that they will lose their body shape if they supplement a lot of nutrition every day, and they want to regain their body shape as soon as possible, so they do not want to breastfeed their babies after giving birth. In fact, breastfeeding is beneficial to the recovery of the uterus because the baby's sucking will reflexively promote the secretion of oxytocin in the mother's body and promote the contraction of the uterus, which is good for the uterus and consumes the fat in the mother's body.

Worried that breastfeeding will be painful

Some mothers have a psychological shadow because of nipple pain during breastfeeding and do not want to breastfeed. If you know how to hold your baby in the right position, the pain will be reduced.

Worried that breastfeeding will lead to sagging breasts

It is normal for breast milk to be produced by the mother, and the volume and weight of the breasts will increase, with the baby's sucking and swallowing action. After breastfeeding, you can manually massage your breasts, do breast lifting and wear comfortable underwear to support your breasts, and your breasts will gradually recover.

Breastfeeding is good for both the baby and the mother. It is good for the baby's development and for the mother's recovery as soon as possible, but the feeding stage may be hard.

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