Beautiful skin is from bare skin. Make your skin radiant and praise with daily skin care

Lillian 2021-12-06

Beautiful skin is from bare skin. Make your skin radiant and praise with daily skin care

Want to get the ideal bare skin?

Let's obtain the ideal glossy skin and aim for a beautiful skin.
By touching your skin, you may be able to get close to a beautiful woman.

Let's focus on the skin care methods and items that we want to continue every day, from washing the face in the morning to night care before going to bed.

AM 8:00 Firmly from the morning

Are you neglecting because you have no time?
Cleaning your face in the morning is very important.

Makeup glue changes with morning skin care.
Introducing 3step that can be easily done even during busy hours.

Clean the face gently on the skin

Cleansing is "gentle"!

□ Make a generous amount of bubbles on both hands
□ Apply bubbles to the entire face, and gently rub the small parts with your finger pads
□ Remove with lukewarm water
□ Wipe off while leaving your skin moist

By sticking to these four, you should be able to get beautiful skin.

PM 9:00 Even after taking a bath

Skin care before going to bed from the bath is very important.
Give your skin a good day and spend a little time with it.

Introducing points for makeup removal and items that give moisture.

Let's get rid of the makeup I've been with for a day and feel refreshed♡

For eye holes and pores on the nose, where makeup is likely to remain, warm the cleansing agent with the palm of your hand and let it fit in a circular motion.

Try to remove it gently with lukewarm water.

This is "THREE" balancing cleansing oil R.

A cleansing oil that gently removes makeup and leads to supple bare skin.
It is an excellent item that spreads on the skin so that it melts and removes dirt from the atmosphere as well as makeup.

Use +α to get closer to glossy skin

Would you like to get glossy skin with a beauty essence?

Warm the serum with the palm of your hand and apply it to the entire skin.
It seems to be good to divide it into 2 to 3 times and stack it on the part you are particularly interested in.

"LUSH" Glossy skin drop spot treatment.

It seems that the ingredients of the plant lead to healthy and shiny skin.
Recommended for areas where you want to keep it clean, such as in the T-zone or where you are concerned about acne.

I've become a beautiful woman

Let's get the ideal shiny skin and become a beautiful woman with redness♡
Your daily efforts will surely pay off.

Aim for skin that is praised with correct skin care.