I want to reduce the cost of beauty! Saving beauty method using smart items

Susan 2020-08-25

I want to reduce the cost of beauty! Saving beauty method using smart items

Maybe I was spending too much money on beauty...

I want to be beautiful, and the beauty cost is suddenly high. If there is a part that can be saved, I want to save it, but where should I start?

We propose a beauty-saving method

In this article, we will propose a saving beauty method that you can work on easily. We will introduce how to save on beauty salon fees, hair removal salon fees, and cosmetic fees.

Let's try to be beautiful without spending too much money...♡

1. Self-color saves beauty salon fees

To keep the color beautiful, it is ideal to go to the beauty salon once a month. However, it can be difficult, both financially and on schedule.

In such a case, make a self-color and let's spend a beautiful hair color before going to the beauty salon.

■ "Encheres" is recommended!

"AncelsColorButter" is a treatment color that you can enjoy hair coloring while suppressing damage to the hair.

There is a wide variation from colorful colors for high tones to brown and black colors.

If the original hair color is bright, it will be very clear. Since more than 90% of the ingredients are made by hair treatment, it seems that you can dye hair without damaging it. Recommended for beginners to self-color.

2. Household epilator saves salon fees

"I went to a hair removal salon, but I'm afraid I can't keep going..." "Body removal takes money and time..."

A home epilator is recommended for such people.

Household epilators are perfect for people who have trouble going to the salon, are embarrassed, and have difficulty in time and money.

If you would like to know more about the advantages and disadvantages of home epilator, please refer to this article.

3.100 items save cosmetics

The cosmetics that I want to be beautiful and I just buy it. You can save on cosmetics costs by using “100” of cosmetics “wisely” and thinking about where to use them.

Among the 100 uniform cosmetics whose evolution does not stop, we would like to introduce the most recommended products.

■Slip, "Tsukema, eye tape, sponge"

The products I would like to recommend with 100 uniform cosmetics are "tsukema, eye tape, sponge".

The "LJ 3D false eyelashes" of "Seria" here are items that naturally produce fluffy lashes. Recommended for those who want to save their Matsue fare.

"DAISO"'s "Expandable eye tape adhesive plaster type" is an eye tape that has both overwhelming cospa and resistance to bale.

Since it is a bandage type, it seems to fit easily on the skin. Recommended for those who want to save double glue.

Leave the "tool" for making makeup to 100! "DAISO" "Makeup Sponge Value Pack House Type 14" is a type of sponge that is used with water.

Anyway, cospa is good because it contains a large amount. Recommended for those who want to keep their base makeup from breaking.

The quality of manicure is amazing!

Save nails by self-nailing with 100% manicure!

This is the "COLOR NAIL SELECTION" of "U R GLAM" that you can buy at "DAISO". There are so many color variations that you can find a color that suits you.

Efforts to save money and be beautiful

Saving is also one of the efforts to be clean. It is recommended that you reduce the amount of money you are spending on beauty that you think you can save. Please refer to it.