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Heifer: one of the poorest charities in Hong Kong

Camille 2023-06-29


Are you looking for some Hong Kong charities to fight poverty and change people's lives? Stop looking at that cow. In Hongkong, heifer is a charitable organization founded in 2000, aiming to eradicate poverty in rural Chinese mainland, create sustainable employment opportunities for them, and help them get substantial income every year.

Heifer Hong Kong is part of the heifer group. Heifer International works tirelessly in 21 countries to make the lives of local farmers better than before, providing them with permanent jobs and a continuous source of food.

As one of the charities in Hong Kong, ngo Heifer focuses on fighting poverty with innovative ways in rural China. Work with us to develop sustainable communities.

What's the difference between heifers?

There are many charities in Hong Kong that are trying to help the rural people who are in urgent need of help to make the world a better place. So what makes heifers different from other charities? In heifers, people don't believe in giving money to the poor.

Heifers are committed to providing sustainable agricultural and business opportunities to rural communities, enabling them to make rural communities independent and confident. Then they encourage farmers to sell their produce in the market and make money from it. In addition, heifers help children set up schools, finance small businesses they start, and improve the savings habits of rural communities to help them when they need it in the future.


What can you do to support a cow's charity project?

Do you want to support heifers in Hong Kong to participate in charity activities? Here are some activities you can take part in to make millions of people smile with heifers.

Heifers have held many activities in mainland China to eliminate poverty in rural communities. You and your family can participate in reading programs, make-up days and racing events. You can start with a donation of at least $20.

Personal support - as an individual, you can also organize a lot of activities, sell tickets, and donate the money you collect to heifers. You can encourage your family members to contribute to your activities so that you can make people in rural communities live better in Chinese mainland.

Volunteer service - you can sign up on Heifer's website, provide your contact information, express your interest, participate in some charity projects of the company, and contribute to the world.

Shop from the cow website - you can buy books and clothes from the heifer's website. For every transaction on the website, heifers donate the proceeds to one of their many charitable projects to empower rural communities and make them financially independent.

What are you waiting for? Visit heifer's website now and contribute in your own way to a better world.


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