What is meant by the Rapid Prototype Production technique?

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What is meant by the Rapid Prototype Production technique?

With the emergence of the prototype manufacturing integration of the world sales market, the competition in the process manufacturing industry is very intense and the rate of product development is increasingly becoming a basic contradiction in the market competition. In this context, the strength of independent and rapid product development (rapid design and rapid moulding) has become the basic ability of the processing industry to compete in the world market. At the same time, the manufacturing industry, in order to meet the changing needs of users, also provides for strong operational flexibility in production technology, allowing for small batch production and even bulk production without raising the cost of goods. The efficiency of product development and the resilience of advanced manufacturing technologies are therefore of great importance.

It is in this context hashing24 cloud mining that Rapid Prototyping Manufacturing (RPM) was created in the USA in the mid to late 1980s and rapidly expanded to Japan and Europe, and has been a major advance in manufacturing technology in recent years.

Rapid Prototyping is an hong kong loan integral technology that integrates new technologies such as raw material forming, CAD, CNC machines and lasers, and is an operating system technology that integrates the design of a part with the production of a three-dimensional solid line.

Rapid protoform production technology is based on the principle of: in the absence of moulds, CNC blades and work clothes, based on the hierarchical data information of the three-dimensional CAD solid model, to carry out deposition (or accumulation) of information, rapid production and manufacturing of arbitrary complexity of the product prototype or parts of an intelligent forming technology, as shown in Figure 2-65 below. Rapid prototyping consists of the following four main components.
(1) The construction of a CAD database system for the part. There are two ways of building a three-dimensional CAD database system: ① 3D modelling according to the design concept. Design programme staff use a variety of three-dimensional CAD modelling design system software, such as Pro/E, UG, Solidworks, etc. to carry out the three-dimensional entity of the parts of the modelling design, to design the programme staff conceived of the parts data model changes to three-dimensional CAD database system. ② 3D modelling design based on solid line data information. The design programme staff carry out inversions, calculations and create 3D models of 3D solid lines based on CMMs, laser scanners, magnetic resonance images, solid line images, etc.

(2) The formation of data exchange documents. By the three-dimensional modeling design system software will parts CAD database system into a rapid prototyping technology system software can be subject to the database file, such as STL, IGES and other file formats. The STL file is the format used by most rapid prototyping systems. All CAD modelling systems now have the ability to export STL files for 3D solid lines.

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