About 80% recognize "5G" Expectation is "ease of use on the net" just system survey

Anita 2023-03-28

About 80% recognize "5G" Expectation is "ease of use on the net" just system survey

Just System announced the results of the Mobile & Social Media Monthly Fixed Point Survey (September 2019) on October 10.

This survey was conducted using the online research service "Fastask" on the marketing research information site "Marketing Research Camp". The survey included 1,100 men and women between the ages of 17 and 69, and the survey period was from September 24 to September 28.

Of smartphone users, 10.5% said they knew and could explain the next-generation communication system "5G" to others, 31.7% said they knew but couldn't explain it to others, and 38.9% said they had heard of it but didn't know it well, a total of 81.1% said.


Among the recognized users, 72.0% are "expecting the practical use of 5G," which is most likely to "make the Internet more accessible" (67.8%), followed by "video easier to watch" (61.8%) and "easy to watch live video" (42.4%). By age group, 80.5% of teens, 47.1% in their 20s, 51.1% in their 30s, 75.0% in their 40s, 59.0% in their 50s, and 67.5% in their 60s.

13.7% "know and can explain to others" about "eSports" 29.8% "know, but not enough to explain to others", 35.5% "I've heard but I don't know well", 79.0% of recognition. 15.9 percentage points increased from 63.1% in the September 2018 survey.

For the new iPhone released in September, 4.2% of smartphone users "purchased or made a reservation." A total of 36.9% of people are interested, with 6.8% saying they are "very interested and considering buying" and 11.5% who are very interested but are still not considering buying, and 18.6% who are "somewhat interested." Users interested in the new iPhone were attracted by multiple respondents, 58.0 percent said the iPhone 11, 39.7 percent as the iPhone 11 Pro, and 24.2 percent said the iPhone 11 Pro Max.

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America has 6G?

Although the federal government did establish a collaboration with South Korea over 6G research in 2021, the U.S. government is less involved in the 6G project than the commercial sector is. A few American cell carriers are making progress with their own 6G projects.

Runs 5G in China?

China Unicom and China Telecom are constructing a 5G network together, which is anticipated to save a ton of money. We have constructed the largest 5G SA RAN sharing network, the largest NB-IoT network, and the largest gigabit optical network in the world, according to China Telecom Chairman and CEO Ruiwen Ke.

Are 5G connections wired?

The link between your service provider and your home is not wired with 5G home internet, which is a sort of fixed wireless internet service.

Can 5G be disabled?

In some apps, you can change these settings for when to use 5G and how much data to use. On the iPhone, you may manually toggle 5G on or off in the cellular settings to improve performance or battery life.

How does 5G impact skin?

Previously, we investigated whether regular smartphone use could cause skin hyperpigmentation when exposed to either LTE (1.762 GHz) or 5G (28 GHz) EMR [18]. We discovered that LTE and 5G EMR did not produce melanin on their own.