Can whatsapp be used in Zhongnei and how to download whatsapp for the mainland?

Silverdew 2022-09-09

Can whatsapp be used in Zhongnei and how to download whatsapp for the mainland?
March has been the peak period of export foreign trade acquisition, many suppliers in foreign countries will be in this time range to split for dealers, so this time user development becomes especially important, there are many forms of looking for customers, today I also share how to use to find foreign trade customers.

I. Whatsapp is?
Whatsapp is a mixed development of instant messaging software under Facebook, just like everyone's Chinese cell phone WeChat can push text, short video, photos, etc., very convenient, for some foreigners, the application of this special tool is to make your export foreign trade road more smooth. whatsApp is a cell phone number registration, in the case of application registration, you must Key in the cell phone number and accept a verification SMS, then WhatsApp will retrieve your cell phone contacts who are already in the application and add to the cell phone contacts roster automatically.

Second, the features of whatsapp
It maintains the connection all the time; in the cell phone and computer can be applied together
There is no rental fee if your network status can be used to receive information at any time and will not be affected by the data signal
whatsapp is the same as our Chinese cell phone address book if you bring in the number will store itself

Three, whatsapp how to add friends
The first free download of whatsapp in the application store to register well, whatsapp is applicable to Apple and Android system software
1. To add friends, you must have a friend who has also installed whatsapp and registered according to their cell phone number to add friends
2. Add friends must understand the contact phone number of others, plus customers whatsapp several types of ways according to the content of personal business card information on the exhibition, corporate yellow pages in the cell phone address book, Google search engine customers
3. guide their numbers into whatsapp, remember that the added number must be stored in your own cell phone address book
If the mobile contacts in your phone address book are already WhatsApp customers, they may be indicated to the favorite channel (Android phones are picking the mobile contacts web page), and in WhatsApp you can only chat with mobile contacts who are WhatsApp customers, and for these good friends who are not yet assembled in WhatsApp, you can send them Push the invitation application WhatsApp.
Fourth, whatsapp can be applied in our country
It can be used but you have to download a special tool for brick walls on your laptop or cell phone.
V. How to extend business process with WhatsAppBusiness?
Whatsapp marketing is actually also very demanding, because we can usually import a lot of contact numbers to the directory, if one by one manually to contact the words, is very tedious, then how to contact the development of efficient design of such customers becomes very critical.

After we have this special tool, you can carry out a group message to customers, not only friends, but also to unfamiliar customers to carry out a group message, just to understand the customer's cell phone number can be, and can even use such methods to select customers, for the accumulation of customers or very effective.