The water in the water fountain is heated repeatedly. Can you drink it?

SERENA 2021-12-06

It's better to drink less

Wine tasting and tea tasting are the normal life of the petty bourgeoisie. They all have research and Analysis on them. But they don't know how to replenish the most needed water and how to drink it correctly. Do you know that drinking water all year round will also affect your health?

The water in the water fountain is heated repeatedly. Can you drink it?

First of all, the water in the water dispenser is different from the boiled water. The water cooked by oneself repeatedly, commonly known as "thousand boiling water", will turn the nitrate in the water into nitrite, and nitrite will turn the hemoglobin of human body into nitrosylhemoglobin, which will make the red blood cells lose the function of carrying oxygen.

However, it takes 100 ℃ for "nitrate" in water to be converted into "nitrite", and the water in the water dispenser will stop heating when it is heated to 85 ℃, so the repeated heating of the water dispenser is not very good, but the theoretical problem is not great, as long as attention is paid to the health of the water dispenser.

However, it is understood that although the hot water tanks of drinking fountains are made of stainless steel, in order to achieve the purpose of corrosion resistance, many hot water tanks are added with heavy metals, which will not be seriously affected by short-term heating, but if heated for a long time, there will be a small amount of heavy metals dissolved in water, which can produce toxicity. In addition, the hot bile can produce nitrate after long-term use. When heated for a long time, the nitrate will become nitrite when encountering water containing iron, aluminum, etc., which may cause cancer. The water in the water dispenser is often heated repeatedly. If you forget to turn off the power when you leave work, you will even boil overnight. Repeated boiling will also produce nitrite, which is the "thousand boiling water" that is often said to be harmful to the body. Drinking this kind of water for a long time will interfere with people's gastrointestinal function.

Therefore, it is not very good to repeatedly heat the standard water dispenser. At the same time, attention should be paid to the sanitation needs of the water dispenser. In addition, be careful not to use inferior water dispensers to boil water frequently.

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Drinking fountain sanitary drinking water:

Pure water instead of mineral water: It is best to drink bottled water within a week. If the family population is small, it is best to choose pure water. Compared with pure water, tap water and mineral water are more prone to bacteria.

Drinking fountains should be cleaned and disinfected once a month to a month and a half.