[Wuhan Pneumonia] Soda dispenser dispenser becomes a high-risk doctor for poisoning: equivalent to direct exchange of saliva

SERENA 2020-05-27

Everyone likes to drink sweet drinks, such as orange juice, lemon tea and soft drinks. At present, many restaurants will provide self-service soda machines for guests to choose their own drinks. Earlier, a foreign website published several photos of the soda machine "not cleaned in a week". I saw that the inside of the soda machine was very dirty, and the syrup mixture accumulated around the machine. It was terrible. Family doctor Guan Jiamei pointed out that soda machines and drinking fountains are equivalent to "direct exchange of saliva." It is also suspected that it is one of the ways for cruise ships to spread pneumonia in Wuhan. They call on everyone to "do not use it again."

[Wuhan Pneumonia] Soda dispenser dispenser becomes a high-risk doctor for poisoning: equivalent to direct exchange of saliva

Many fast-food chains and convenience stores in Hong Kong provide self-service soda services. However, how often the soda machines in the store are cleaned is a cause of concern. The foreign website "ViralCak" published several photos of the soda machine "not washed in a week". From the photo, it can be seen that a lot of syrup mixture has accumulated in the corner of the soda machine in just one week. It looks very dirty. In addition, a convenience store in Hong Kong has also been complained about the soda machine pouring out corpses, and the hygiene situation is worrying.

Distilled water machine holds a lot of bacteria

In addition to soda machines, distilled water machines are also very susceptible to contamination. A report released by the Consumer Council earlier stated that qualified quality bottled water was placed in an unsterilized drinking fountain for drinking, and the water quality of that day was contaminated. The total number of bacterial colonies can reach 100 to 370 colonies per milliliter. By the third day, the total number of bacterial colonies was 10,000 to 150,000 colonies per milliliter. Although the bacteria present in drinking fountains are usually not pathogenic bacteria and generally do not cause disease, there is an opportunity to affect people with weak resistance.

Soda machine and water dispenser suspected to be a way for cruise ships to spread poison

Family doctor Guan Jiamei pointed out in an interview that recently cruise ships have become a hotbed for the spread of Wuhan pneumonia virus. One of the possible reasons is that the self-filled soda machines and water dispensers provided on the cruise ship may cause the spread of germs. "Many people use their kettles to "plug" into the water machine to get drinks. When the kettle touches the "mouth" of the water machine, it will spread the user's saliva to the water machine and then spread the virus." She Emphasizing that using a water machine is like "direct sharing of saliva", and recommends that in this case, you should stop using soda machines and water dispensers. It is best to drink bottled water or prepare water at home.

"Whether it is droplet infection or contagious bacteria, there is a chance to spread through the water machine. In addition to the saliva bacteria, users accidentally touch the water outlet with their hands and will spread the bacteria, including E. coli, Staphylococcus aureus, Influenza viruses, coronaviruses, etc. Therefore, under the epidemic, everyone should stop using these water machines." Dr. Guan Jiamei pointed out.

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