Five for upgrading drone attention For numerous reasons

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Five for upgrading drone attention For numerous reasons

Five for upgrading drone attention For numerous reasons, DJI Innovation officially ended its new Mavic Air 2 drone this week, which shows that the updated model brings many new features. About two and a half years after the initial Mavic Air drone was released, the new model came out, but some users are still reluctant to upgrade. DJI provides customers with a variety of reasons to purchase new models, including five points.

DJI claims that Mavic Air 2 is the first drone in the Mavic series. In addition to having 8K video capabilities, it also provides 4K / 60fps video recording at 120Mbps, and its quality level exceeds that of the original Mavic Air models. The camera is fixed on the drone using a mechanical three-axis gimbal for stability, and it can also capture 12-megapixel and 48-megapixel images.

The Quad Bayer 1 / 2-inch sensor is used in conjunction with DJI software, and also offers HDR video recording, 8x slow motion video options recorded at 1080p / 240fps and 4x slow motion video options recorded at 1080p / 120fps. Features include "scene recognition" that can recognize scene categories (such as snow, blue sky, and sunset), and "superlight" functions, which can combine multiple low-illuminance images into the final image, resulting in less noise.

In addition to the new camera features, DJI Mavic Air 2 has also fully upgraded its smart features, including the use of ActiveTrack 3.0, Internet Point 3.0 and Spotlight 2.0. With these, with the latest technology, new graphics technology and flight algorithms, Mavic Air 2 can automatically track the subject,

Similarly, when automatically tracking the flight path of an object, the UAV has better surface recognition capabilities, thereby achieving what DJI calls dynamic object tracking. Complete smart features also include the addition of Spotlight 2.0, which locks objects within the framework-a feature limited to the company ’s professional-grade drones.

Security is still an important element of drone operation, especially as the technology becomes more and more popular. DJI said it has upgraded its Mavic Air 2 to include new safety features, including the use of its Advanced Driver Assistance System (APAS) 3.0, which allows the drone to avoid collisions with other objects. According to DJI, even in "highly complex" environments, this feature can use 3D mapping to provide more fluid motion and smoother transitions.

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Joining the system is the inclusion of obstacle sensors in the rear and front of the drone. When the pilot is too close to the aircraft, the pilot is warned. The auxiliary lights and landing sensors can make the drone land, which can avoid Qualcomm GEO geo-fencing technology and The risk area, and can automatically land in the "difficult light" situation. In addition, Mavic Air 2 is also the first product in the product line to use AirSense technology, which can detect if there are other aircraft nearby and warn pilots to avoid collisions.

Not surprisingly, the performance of Mavic Air 2 is also better than the original model-DJI added many new features to the drone, including a new electronic speed controller, motor, new aerodynamic design, and the so-called "enhanced" Battery technology.

DJI said that the use of its upgraded OcuSync 2.0 technology allows Mavic Air 2 to provide a stable high-definition video signal up to 6.2 miles. With this technology, drones can use both 2.4GHz and 5.8GHz frequencies. It has the ability to automatically switch between the two based on the best signal strength. Anti-jamming technology further improves this function, which can prevent harmful signals, otherwise it may interfere with the video input.

Another interesting feature provided by Mavic Air 2 is Hyperlapse, which is a time-lapse function that includes the body movement of the drone. The model provides Hyperlapse at 8K resolution and supports four different flight mode options: CoursesLock, Free Movement, WayPoints and Circle. These modes are used in conjunction with QuickShots, which are pre-programmed flight operations for acquiring certain movie lenses.

These are some of the many new features that make Mavic Air 2 a reliable upgrade option for previous Mavic Air models. DJI is now accepting pre-orders for new models, which start at $ 799 and include drones, controllers, batteries and cables.

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