3D printing, the slow "revolution" is still going on

Janice 2022-10-03

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3D printing, the keyword in the future of aero-engine manufacturing

What is 3D printing and rapid prototyping?

Rapid prototyping is the fast fabrication of a physical part, model or assembly using 3D computer aided design (CAD). 3d printing rapid prototyping servicesThe creation of the part, model or assembly is usually completed using additive manufacturing, or more commonly known as 3D printing.

What is rapid prototyping services?

Rapid prototyping means making a physical sample of a new product design idea. This is done as a preliminary step towards eventual production, and is most useful when verifying that the finished product will look, feel, and perform as intended.

What is a 3D printing service?

3D Printing is a manufacturing process that uses a digital file to create three-dimensional objects one layer at a time. We run a system that uses ABS plastic and soluble supports to create realistic prototypes and marketing models.

Is 3D printing the same as rapid prototyping?

The term rapid prototyping is different from 3D printing/additive manufacturing. Rapid prototyping is the technique of fabricating a prototype model from a CAD file. In other words, rapid manufacturing companies 3D printing/additive manufacturing is the process, and rapid prototyping is the end result.