Experts on sustainable aviation and urban air mobility meet

Betty 2021-12-06


Foresight Aerospace will introduce its meeting on promoting sustainable aviation and urban air mobility (UAM) as a "real-time virtual meeting" on May 19. The event was originally scheduled to be held in London. , Will focus on the effort to introduce electric aircraft and implement new business models to move many aspects of people and things.

The agenda begins with discussions on future aerospace policies and industrial strategies at a meeting chaired by Gary Cutts, Director of Future Flight Challenges, British Research and Innovation Agency, British Government. The conference will also feature Harriet Wallerton, program director of the National Aerospace Technology Development Program, which is supported by the British Industrial Association ADS, and Sameer Savani, the head of innovation and engineering, represents the association.

The meeting also promised to update the specific eVTOL aircraft plan. The participating companies include Jaunt Air Mobility, Vertical Aerospace, EHang, EmbraerX and VRCO. Developers of electric, hybrid and hydrogen-powered fixed-wing aircraft will also deliver speeches, including ZeroAvia, VoltAero, Faradair Aerospace and H55. Adam Morton, Rolls-Royce's head of environmental technology, will outline the engine manufacturer's plans to support the move toward carbon neutrality.

Frederic Laugere, Head of Innovation Services, British Civil Aviation Authority, will introduce the latest regulations and certification considerations. The infrastructure requirements for urban air traffic will also be discussed. Speakers include Graeme Cooper, director of the National Grid Transportation Decarbonization Project.

The meeting also invited airline spokespersons who wanted to reduce their operating carbon footprint. Jonathan Counsell, head of sustainability at International Airlines Group, will provide the latest news on the Flightpath Net Zero project. Phil Mayer, Virgin Atlantic ’s chief operating officer, will discuss with Jenny Gardner, director of Saab Technologies ’UK Innovation Center, the technology for connecting transportation systems and seamless airports.

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