Eco-friendly lunch box! Solve the big pollution problem of plastic lunch boxes caused by takeaway

Charlene 2021-12-06

eco friendly utensils

If you’re too busy or tired, order takeaway. Don’t want to eco friendly utensils cook and order takeaway. This is a common cultural phenomenon that improves people's ability to solve problems with three meals a day under the fast-paced life and work of our current society. This is undoubtedly the gospel of lazy people. With the popularity of my foreign sales, the demand for lunch boxes is increasing, making the lunch boxes have undergone three replacements!

The original foam lunch box, due to its inability to withstand high temperature and safety, and white pollution has been aggravated and eliminated, and then turned to plastic lunch boxes, paper lunch boxes and so on. Because of its low toxicity, heat resistance, simple production, and relatively low cost, plastic has become the mainstream material for fast food boxes today, that is, white transparent food boxes. In fact, from a safety point of view, plastic lunch boxes are undoubtedly the winner, but compared with the previous generation of foam lunch boxes, the pollution is actually the same.

Commonly used plastic takeaway boxes

The one-time result is one-time. In today's huge demand in the lunch box industry, disposable plastic lunch boxes cannot be degraded and are difficult to recycle, making it difficult to dispose of after being discarded. Therefore, it is not unreasonable that the trend of environmental protection has become stricter in recent years, so the third generation of lunch boxes, the environmentally friendly lunch boxes, was born.

New environmentally friendly degradable lunch box

This kind of environmentally friendly lunch box takes advantage of the characteristics of plant fibers, such as bamboo, rice husk, bagasse and other plant fibers can be used as the main raw materials, through molding, drying, shaping, disinfection and other post-processing. The waste of agricultural products in these countries has become China's industrial raw materials, and it is natural, which has improved the comprehensive development and utilization of my country's agricultural economic resource management.

Why are there not so many eco-friendly lunch boxes on the market? In fact, the cost is too high, and the disadvantage is obviously the reason for the difficulty of environmentally friendly lunch boxes in the takeaway industry. However, this type of lunch box is already common on foreign airlines. Obviously, although it has not been applied in the takeaway field, other meal ordering solutions are already in place. Using. It can be imagined that it has been widely used in the world, and its large-scale application in China is not far away.