German GDP upwardly revised to +0.3% QoQ in Q4 Strong exports and other factors

BERLIN, Jan 24 (Reuters) - Germany s gross domestic product (GDP) rose 0.3 percent in the fourth quarter, up from a preliminary reading of 0.1 percent...

Brenda 43 Feb 25,2021 Read...
Vicky/ Apr 08,2020

Why are the takeaway APP users so active in the market?

In the mobile Internet era, bidding farewell to the way in the past that you cou...

/ Nov 19,2021

Seafood contains a lot of protein

And protein is an important part of our body, and it is also a necessity. Seafoo...

Susan/ Nov 18,2021

Children's Hospital reports new coronavirus case in Missouri

On Tuesday, March 17, 2020, a pedestrian crossed the street in the almost empty ...

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2020秋季养生 为何以养肺为主?看完就懂了
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2020秋季养生 为何以养肺为主?看完就懂了

天气逐渐转凉,秋意渐浓  “春养肝,夏养心,秋养肺,冬养肾。”  秋季我们应当注重肺部的养护!  秋季养肺原因一:  疫情当下  秋季变冷,流感等病毒多发  再...

Classification of plant fiber pulp products and analysis of advantages and disadvantages of disposable biodegradable pulp moldin
Cindy/Mar 25,2020

Classification of plant fiber pulp products and analysis of adva...

First, ordinary pulp products, as the name suggests, are molded products made of...

Grace/Oct 07,2021