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Three home carpet cleaning tips to help you clean more easily and without replacing your carpets as frequently.

Anita 2023-03-06

from carpet pile

Carpet, as a more common decorative item in home life, will have itsvacuum cleaner for carpet and sofa figure, whether in the living room, dining room, or bedroom, many people in the purchase of the pursuit of good-looking and will not pay too much attention to the use of carpet location or color, so that later want to clean up more trouble.

A vacuum cleaner is a useful tool. Carpet pile is prone to dust accumulation, especiallyKenzo Kidswear if the pile is long. A vacuum cleaner is an excellent tool for removing dust from carpet pile.

To begin dust removal, use an upright vacuum cleaner to clean a large area of carpet, followed by a handheld vacuum cleaner to consolidate and clean again.

To remove stains, use vinegar. Accidentally spilled drinks such as coffee, cola, or juice on the carpet, this type of small area stains, first absorb the moisture with a dry cloth or tissue, then use vinegar wet dry cloth, gently wipe on the stain. Wipe the stain on the carpet a few more times to remove it.

Those who own pets are aware that their pets will leave an odor after playing on thegreen test carpet. Pour 4 cups of vinegar into 4L of warm water, wet and wring out a towel, and wipe the carpet from end to end before placing it in a ventilated area to dry naturally. This method not only removes odors caused by pets and carpets after prolonged use, but it also prevents carpets from fading and discoloring.

If you accidentally stick chewing gum on the carpet, first use a plastic bag filled with ice cubes pressed over the chewing gum, let the gum solidify, and then press the test with your hand, when the gum becomes completely hard, then use a brush or toothbrush to pull it out, and finally brush thoroughly.

Do not use chemical diluting agents arbitrarily, as this will cause carpet damage, resulting in more loss than gain.