What type of range hoods are recommended Top and side suction how to choose

Beata 2023-02-23

What type of range hoods are recommended Top and side suction how to choose

A cozy home is always full of smoke and fumes, and the cooking process will inevitably create a grease and smoke problem that, if not solved in time, will not only attach to your clothes or furniture, but in serious cases can induce various respiratory diseases and even increase the risk of developing lung cancer. Therefore, it is important to choose a suitable range hood, but there are too many different types and styles of range hoods on the market to know how to choose. In terms of the mainstream products currently on the market, is it better to recommend a range hood with top or side suction?

Reasons for recommending top-suction range hoods

Top-suction range hoods have a rectangular smoking opening, a flat mesh filter inside, and a pendant installation structure. This type of range hood is more powerful, so the top hood is recommended for kitchens of large households. However, it is worth noting that high power is not the best. The main reference is whether the negative pressure generated during use is high enough and evenly distributed, otherwise the effect of smoke absorption will be greatly reduced. Another reason why range hoods are recommended top-suction is that the technology of this product is mature, the appearance of high-end generous, wide range of smoke control, but the drawback is the large size, large households or open kitchens can choose this type of range hood.

Range hoods recommended for side suction reasons

Range hoods recommended side suction, mainly because of its compact appearance, so the internal structure will be more complex, the overall appearance of the side-slanting shape, wall-mounted structure, the smoking port is concentrated in the side of the prominent position. If you want to ensure the smoking effect, the smoking port needs to be close to the cooking stove position to increase the suction power by shortening the distance to stop the problem of uncleanliness caused by the rapid spread of grease and smoke. The side suction design ensures that you do not touch your head during use, and with its compact size, it is quite popular in small households and has a high utilization rate of space.

Range hoods recommended tested models

In Hong Kong, the Consumer Council will test the range hoods on the market, so range hoods are recommended for models that have been tested to ensure the safety of the product. As for the performance, you can refer to the parameters and relevant test results. In addition to strong suction power, noise is another factor that bothers customers, but some products are now able to take care of both.