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Should I invest in a vacuum cleaner? Before making a decision, make sure you understand everything!

SAMMY 2023-02-01

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The Operation of a Vacuum Cleaner

When a vacuum cleaner is turned on, the built-in motor rotatesbest vacuum for deep cleaning carpet at high speed and draws in a certain amount of air from the outside environment to create a vacuum in the vacuum cleaner's dust box in a closed space, sucking away the dust and hair from the outside environment.

Answers to frequently asked questions about vacuum cleaners

Question 1: How effective are vacuum cleaners?

Vacuum cleaners are very good, fast, and clean, especially if you have a large living area, carpets, cats and dogs, elderly children, or people with rhinitis. They have a high suction power and can be equipped with different heads for different scenarios, sucking away all types of lint and dander, as well as filtering out dust and some other particles. Vacuum cleaners are, without a doubt, safe to use.

Question 2: How powerful is a vacuum cleaner for home use?

If you choose a vacuum cleaner for home use, the suction power should not be too low, and the noise should not be too loud, as this will affect the rest of the machine. Normally, you should choose a vacuum cleaner with a suction power of at least 100AW and a noise level of no more than 87dB.

Question 3: What causes vacuum cleaners to become hot?

In fact, the surface of the vacuum cleaner is hot is a very common phenomenon, the vacuum cleaner using the relevant motor, most vacuum cleaners are currently using brushless motor, the speed of this motor up to about 40,000 rpm, so during its operation will generate a certain amount of heat, but the corresponding set of heat dissipation system, so this is not necessary to worry about, you can rest assured that use.