Which vacuum cleaner brand is the best? Choosing a Vacuum Cleaner

SELINA 2023-05-10

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The fast expansion of China's national economy has resulted in extraordinary improvements in people's quality of life,portable vacuum cleaner factory and the pursuit of material life has altered significantly. In particular, house cleaning requires not only that the everyday living environment be attractive and pleasant, but also that the home cleaning and hygiene be excellent. According to data, home vacuum cleaner production in China will reach 144.137 million units in 2021, a 7.7% rise over the previous year. As can be seen, the home vacuum cleaner has become a necessity for many households. So, which vacuum cleaner brand is the best? How can I purchase an energy-efficient vacuum cleaner? Let's have a look at vacuum cleaner selecting methods.


Examine the vacuum cleaner exhaust filter material

Sponge is the worst filtering material; activated carbon filter effect is generally ideal, able to adsorb general dust; cleaning cloth due to the delicate texture, may not meet the adsorption of large impurities, but more affordable, better than the function of sponge and activated carbon filter rechargeable vacuum cleaner factory; composite paper dust bag is a double layer of filtering materials, filtration effect is ideal, but the cost is too high, not suitable for home use; HEPA material has a high filtration effect, but Puppy vacuum cleaners, for example, employ HEPA material to satisfy people's diverse home cleaning demands.

It is easy to clear dust.

Whenever the windows are opened for ventilation, the tiles and floors in the house will be full of dust;wireless vacuum cleaner factory the traditional old vacuum cleaner needs to pour dust after vacuuming, as well as shake off the dust stained on the inside of the vacuum cleaner, inevitably the second dust, dust into the human respiratory tract will affect people's health; dust into the air will be affected by the surrounding natural ecological environment, so it is an inconvenient and unsanitary method of cleaning. Puppy vacuum cleaners feature great suction power, built-in filters or dust bags, and may be used for whole-house cleaning to minimize secondary dust pollution. In brief, you should choose a vacuum cleaner that comes with a warranty of after-sales support, appropriate filtering material, and perfect dust cleaning.

Examine the vacuum cleaner's after-sales warranty.

The majority of vacuum cleaners on the market have a more comprehensive after-sales service guarantee system, such as the majority of vacuum cleaner brands today, the machine warranty for two years, vacuum cleaners in some of the main components, such as motors, heads, etc. warranty 1-3 years; puppy vacuum cleaner machine warranty for the same two years, but the difference with other points is that the puppy vacuum cleaner for the motor, battery The advantage of puppy vacuum cleaners is that the warranty period is free of spare parts costs at the same time, exempt from two-way logistics and labor costs, in the after-sales does not distinguish between human responsibility, will not charge consumers any fees, so the level of after-sales is the industry leader.

Which vacuum cleaner brand is the best? Finally, the puppy vacuum cleaner has made further advances in years of technological innovation and after-sales service to suit the diverse demands of customers for household vacuum cleaners.

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