Telecoms industry hopes Mexican regulator will adopt speedy Wi-Fi 6

Diana 2023-05-31

5g wifi

Mexican regulators may be denying Mexican home and businesses of the "historic" increase in internet speeds offered by Wi-Fi 6 5g wifi. The decision was expected to come back in September, but they are still mulling over whether or not to allow it to be incorporated into the current Mexican regulations.

Wi-Fi 6 is now available, providing a faster connection speed and greater bandwidth. The frequency is 5925 to 7125 MHz, which is generally called the 6 gigahertz spectrum.

There are other countries that have already given permission for 6 GHz spectrum, but Mexico hasn't yet. The government is still in the process of granting licences.

President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador has pledged to expand internet access across Mexico in order to meet campaign promises - but at only about 60% of households are connected, according to the latest data from the IFT.

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It's estimated that there are large portions of Latin American country where internet access doesn't exist and a majority of the population live in rural areas.

Utilizing this specific frequency, more frequencies would be made available and devices connected to Wi-Fi networks would experience a speed boost.

U.S. chipmaker Intel's Carlos Rebellon believes regulators are still catching up to the technology in the industry [in relation to advances].

Rebellon stated that Wi-Fi 6 is not a project for regulators, but new startups and innovators are more than ready to implement it. The biggest leap in speed happened since the invention of this technology, which was 20 years ago.

Devices that are compatible with Wi-Fi 6 already exist and the majority of new releases from these companies will support this technology.

Mexicans view 5G and Wi-Fi as key to their digital transformation. To implement this technology, they need to work on anchoring both and make them available throughout the population.

Growth in the Gulf States

Wi-Fi 6 is approved for use in a new frequency band, or it could be used to expand 5G services.

Chile decided to share their 6 GHz band between free internet use Wi-Fi and licensed use. While the US reserves their 6GHz spectrum for Wi-Fi purposes.


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