Learn about the space required for and tools for different corner kitchen storage

Lillian 2022-09-30

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Very useful corner kitchen storage solutions

The difficulties of storing a stand mixer are almost too easy. Many kitchens have storage space in them to match the need for free countertop, but they're not always practical because of their size. The problem is easily solved with specially designed base cabinets that lift up to reveal an attachment drawer. With these units being available in different colors and sizes, you can customize your kitchen's style and save some room!

Get a base cabinet tray to get more kitchen storage

The popularity of the standard-size kitchen is due to the space being well utilized with a variety of appliances, pots and pans, baking dishes and mixing bowls. Base cabinets with roll-out trays are able to provide you with the ease-of-use that you could never have imagined.

Cheaper corner storage options for your kitchen

Corner storage can sometimes be tough to keep organized. For example, working in the kitchen with your head down, it's easy to lose items. With rotating shelves, they can turn as you access them and provide lots of useful space for hard-to-organize items. You can use a shelf like this for your upper cabinets or even in an empty corner of your dining room. While some products have wire or metal walls for stability, the walls are low enough to prevent things from flying out.

6 Popular kitchen storage ideas

In many cases, you are too short on countertop space for a lazy Susan or the angle does not allow for easy access to rotating shelves. Luckily, there are a variety of corner cabinets that can solve your every issue with storage.

Hinged corner turnout shelving: Corner-shaped box shelves designed to fit snugly into the corners of cabinets can be attached with glides for easy, portable access.

“Magic Corners” are hinged shelves on glides custom fitted to the space and gauged toward your storage needs.

Blind corner pull out is an option for space-constrained kitchens with traditional lazy susans.

The pull out cabinet creates a more usable storage space. Instead of the large open space where things get scattered and ignored, the blind corner pull out makes them all visible, and it was an easy task to build this project from our plans.

If you are interested in getting more information on various types of kitchen cabinets, then check out our article titled Cool Kitchen Corner Cabinets.

10 Clever, Unique and Affordable options

There is a continual trade-off between the aesthetic constraints of kitchen and practical needs for towels. Without a cabinet with towel racks, you’ll have to clutter your kitchen or choose between dirty or presentable towels. Fortunately, many options exist to suffice both needs by utilizing optional pull outs.

This cabinet is one of the most popular for kitchen storage

Unlike a typical kitchen waste-collection cabinet, this one holds two waste receptacles--one holding food scraps while the other holds recycling. This pull out design is practical and convenient and can hold a lot of stuff within it.

Pull-out waste baskets are standard in most homes because they're practical. You can fit two trash cans in a cabinet space that's 18 or 21 inches, depending on the size of your cabinet. The bins for trash and recyclables come in large enough to accommodate either one.

Drawer storage options you should consider

Large drawers are places to store pots, pans, baking dishes and other everyday china. Drawer accessories include:

When designing a kitchen, you need to design your storage

Structured kitchen options include open storage, slat racks, and basket styles for convenience. These options enable cooks to keep ingredients within reach while they cook.

Installing a kitchen cabinet tray divider

Tray dividers are able to help keep various types of cooking utensils in order. They can be stored quite conveniently near the stove in these 9" or 12" cabinet models. And as an additional use, tray dividers can be kept within cabinets above the cooktop to organize different kinds of dishes.

Some cost-effective options for storage in the corner of your kitchen

Drawer Peg System

If you prefer having drawer bases for all your kitchen cabinetry instead of doors cabinet accessories, peg system is for you. It comes with adjustable pegs that can be easily placed in the correct position to keep plates, bowls, utensils, etc. from moving around on the counter.

For those who want pots and pans without losing the contemporary feel, the peg board are made for you. The company provides a variety of accessories to make sure your pots and pans stay organized and easy to find. These include saucepans to lids, canister sets, and more in many colors.

What are the popular options for corner kitchen storage

The system is smarter than any standard world and each drawer becomes a working block, coupled with a wire or plastic tray divider.

The accessory option comes in many different sizes and configurations, for example, some of them include a built-in removable cutting board.

Kitchen Storage Ideas

One of our favorite kitchen cabinet accessories is the under sink cleaning storage caddy. It stores your cleaning supplies and is easy to take anywhere else in your house. This product has a slide out feature and detaches so it's perfect for use elsewhere on your property as well.