Mercedes-Benz Shunyi Plant Shapes New Benchmark for Intelligent Manufacturing in the Automotive Industry

Caroline 2023-03-19

Mercedes-Benz Shunyi Plant Shapes New Benchmark for Intelligent Manufacturing in the Automotive Industry

In September 2020, Mercedes-Benz's Plant 56 in Sindelfingen, Germany, went into operation. Being a brand new example of Mercedes-Benz's future factory, thus representing the leading level of global automotive intelligent manufacturing, Plant 56 sets new norms for flexible, efficient, sustainable and intelligent production of vehicles.

One month later, about 8,000 kilometers to the east from Sindelfingen, an intelligent vehicle manufacturing plant that comprehensivelyAntminer S17+ compares Plant 56 from production concept to intelligent manufacturing technology opens a new journey in Shunyi, Beijing, turning into the main battlefield of Beijing Benz's comprehensive efforts in high-end manufacturing.

In the Shunyi plant, Beijing Benz fully promotes and implements the four characteristics of "intelligence, flexibility, efficiency and sustainability" and implements them into the whole process of R&D, logistics, production and quality, further promoting the quality and efficiency of production and quality management, and creating a new benchmark of intelligent production and manufacturing.

The foundation of quality continues to nurture results.plastic prototype companies

At present, Beijing Benz has long established the largest production volume, largest area and most comprehensive manufacturing base in Mercedes-Benz's global passenger car production network, and has three major vehicle platforms of front-wheel drive, rear-wheel drive and battery cars, as well as its engine factory and power battery factory.

In February this year and this month, Beijing Benz achieved the exit of the fourth millionth engine and the fourth millionth vehicle, thus entering the "double four million" era. Behind the leap from 0 to 4 million is the unremitting effort of Beijing Benz to continuously promote high-quality development.

In addition, in response to the grand blueprint of China's "3060" dual-carbon strategy, the Shunyi plant has become the epitome of Beijing plastic prototype companiesBenz's deep commitment to intelligent and green manufacturing. On June 15, the tenth "National Low Carbon Day" with the theme of "Implementing 'Double Carbon' Action, Creating a Beautiful Home" came, the new domestic EQE based on the new generation of pure electric platform was withdrawn from the Beijing Benz Shunyi Plant, which not only inherited Mercedes-Benz's century-old understanding of "luxury", but also announced the exit of the new EQE. It not only inherits Mercedes-Benz's century-old understanding of "luxury", but also announces the latest progress of Beijing Benz's continuous progress towards "full electric", and demonstrates its determination to promote carbon neutrality and sustainable development.

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