Mold design introduction in various ways compared, have you been hit?

Elizabeth 2022-07-20

Mold design introduction in various ways compared, have you been hit?

There is a saying right, the core of the manufacturing industry is the mold, the core of the mold is mold design. This shows the status of mold design in the whole manufacturing industry.

Into the twenty-first century has been twelve years, China's manufacturing industry has long been more and more perfect, the scale is also getting bigger and bigger. Mold design also continues to develop, from less to low volume plastic manufacturingmore, to now has become a hot industry. (Its entire development history to be able to see my previously released series of articles "mold design development history") especially in the mold industry insiders, because of the Chinese characteristics of the problem, mold industry many positions skilled workers' wages are currently just a line higher than the general workers, except for just a few few. But in the whole mold industry, the biggest gain is undoubtedly mold design and programming. This also leads to a situation, almost every mold industry insiders want to do design. This is especially true for newcomers to the industry. It's normal, people go to the top. No matter which line, when you first enter the industry, who want to do the best, take the biggest gains.

That is also caused by the current mold design field of good and bad, uneven main reason, whether it is a graduate novice, or do a few years of processing of skilled workers, an opportunity will try to squeeze into this field. Natural ability is no way to guarantee. And, due to the abundance of talent, also led to the current situation in the field as a whole, there are many new changes. The first change is that now there are not many companies willing to recruit apprentice mold design. Then is the junior designer and even intermediate designer salary is not very high, because there are too many people can serve this position, the competition is very fierce. This also causes the mold designer in the high salary before to get through many years of dark period, the process is generally 1-3 years, that is also a refining process, if you can resist in this dark period of low wages, work intensity and other hardships, but also like the sponge as hungry to absorb knowledge, then the bright future will come. Many newcomers ambitious to start a career, the result is also in this dark period of sinking, can not stand to change to the line to come.

Therefore, whether or not to stand firm in this highly competitive field of mold design, the most critical thing is the initial dark period. Whether you can safely spend this dark period and the length of this dark period is the main thing to see how to start, whether the basic solid, work soil is not conducive to growth. And so on. Here, I will list the most common ways to get started, and how to learn the most efficient way to focus on this way, so that we can refer to.

One: the company directly from the college recruiting training:

This type of approach was once very popular, the early years of the twenty-first century, it can be said that every large company in the mold industry will use this type of approach to supplement the new blood, especially in Taiwan companies, but also so. However, this type of approach to now has been less. The reasons are many, listed here.

1: One is the talent market, many newcomers, can do a lot of people, long ago did not need to spend a long time to train themselves. And that cost is also much lower, due to, an engineer's growth is in the continuous development of lessons learned from mistakes. And the company that trained him will pay for these. But manym30s whatsminer engineers fly away once their wings are hardened, causing a lot of resentment in many companies. This involves the company culture, employee loyalty, company treatment, personal planning and a series of reasons. The company's view of you and your own view of you are usually difficult to get equal value. And later, most companies simply lowered this kind of training, coupled with the fact that more and more colleges and universities are setting up such specialties, and more and more graduates are coming, and the undercurrents are surging. As a result, it's not such a good path for graduates to take anymore. They can't be found. Most graduates can't wait for such an opportunity.

2: This kind of training itself has serious defects.

The first difficulty comes from the institution. The prerequisite for this approach is that the newcomer is attracted to have the necessary basic knowledge to learn and melt into the company well. However, the current school of professional and technical training is still too lacking, and not specialized. A mold design professional usually have to learn more than a dozen courses, which is associated with mold design but only a few subjects. For example, mechanical drawing, clamping basic, metal materials and heat treatment, tolerance and fit, mold design principles and so on. Most of the courses are not different from other mechanical industries. Only the principle of mold design is characteristic, however, this course is about the entire mold industry in the entire mold, cold stamping, injection molding, extrusion, injection molding, etc.. What is more outrageous is that the whole study period, but only do a set of graduation design, is too unscientific. And after graduation into the work state usually only do a kind of mold, not necessarily graduation design of this kind. And, the school to learn that type of academic design methods to the company directly all over again, many in the school spent a lot of time to understand and remember the complex formula in the company without, directly give an empirical data, to the report is selected. This will cause the company full of enthusiasm to attract the results of the people do not have too much knowledge. Even better than a few months in the field to do the mold, self-taught mechanical drawing of high school students. Can be politely said, now most of the school training mold design graduates do not have too much expertise. The only little use is the software. But also as a basic just.